How Do I Use The Law of Attraction?

I’m excited to be talking about one of my favourite topics today. There are five steps to Abraham’s Law of Attraction and I’m going to share them with you. Since I was twenty four, I’ve been into manifesting and even taught it. However, in 2016 after brain surgery for metastatic breast cancer and radiation on my head, I put all my spiritual or personal development books away because I wanted to hear the voice within, simplify, look at my own life and see what really works for me.

That’s when I realised that when I was happy and enjoying life, good stuff happened. Hello Human Design Splenic Projector! I called it The Power of Joy and practiced it to allow my life to come back together. Then I discovered this is The Law of Attraction as taught by Abraham Hicks and I spent two years listening to the videos on YouTube while practising it.

What are the Five Steps to the Law of Attraction?

  1. You experience what you don’t want, so you know what you do want.
  2. A rocket of desire shoots off and Source immediately lines up with the energy.
  3. You have to line up with the energy of joy, love, presence, peace, focus and appreciation (alignment).
  4. Stay aligned.
  5. The desire manifests and/or you’re back in step one.


What is Alignment?

You have to actually feel your emotions and process them so you can naturally get to the higher frequency emotions. Otherwise it’s like trying to hold beach balls under the water. That’s why I created the EMPOWER guide to practise this.

Being organised, having a schedule, decluttering and knowing how the four phases of our monthly cycle affect us and how to optimise our life accordingly (whether you’re menstruating or in an induced menopause like me) helps us stay in alignment. That’s why I have included these steps in the MAGNETISE transformational guide for LOVING yourself, your life and MANIFESTING.

If you don’t feel good about your body and haven’t healed an obsession with food &/or your physical self, you will be distracted and that keeps us out of alignment. In the RADIATE transformational guide, I take you through the process to cultivate a healthy relationship with your body so you don’t even think about it.

Low vibe conversation and complaining also keeps us out of alignment but you don’t need to break up with your friends or loved-ones, the ELEVATE transformational guide will help you to re-train your brain with a simple daily practice and have UPLIFTING conversation starters as well!

If you find you need to do more to really take control of your mind, MASTER YOUR MIND : CREATE PEACE WITHIN is for you. It’s requires 20 minutes daily for 30 days to create this lasting transformation.

To stay in alignment too we actually may have to DO the work to BE as if. 


Next time I will tell you how I manifested my Bali trip in 2017 using these five steps and how I MANIFEST all my trips, love and work.

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Stay tuned!

I love you,

Mireille xx

ps. I’m posting Love Queen tips on relationships @mireilleparker_xx on Insta.

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