Love Blooming Wildly


There are many ways to love yourself wildly.

Kundalini yoga at the Sowilo Soul Centre is one of them.

It’s gentle. It’s kind. It’s exactly what I require. It’s also the perfect space to hold my upcoming Healthy and Powerfully Feminine workshop.

Something happened yesterday that really made my heart warm. A woman came in just as we were starting the class and, a little frazzled, apologized for being late. “No need to apologize,” the teacher said, beaming and genuine, “You can never be late for this class.”

Wow that felt good to hear. Can you imagine? Unconditional attendance. Total acceptance. With the knowing that everyone is just doing their best in this life.

During the 90-minute class, we do a lot of breath work and some chanting. It may not be what you think of as yoga. It’s not so much about the stretching as it is about moving energy in our bodies. By candlelight we learn to feel our resistance, to tune into what’s going on inside and to surrender. We are encouraged to not push ourselves more than we feel to – which is such a respite from most other things we do in life where we are pushing past our limits and perhaps frequently out of our comfort zones. It is enough to show up.

At the end we lay down under a blanket for Savasana (the rest and meditation), and Paula uses Tibetan singing bowls to centre us and aid our meditation. On finishing, she brings us each a hot towel and then oil to apply to our faces and an exquisite mist to spray over ourselves.

It’s like being back floating in the amniotic fluid.

It’s Divinely feminine.

A complete sensory experience.

We are like cherished guests.

How wonderful to give yourself that.

Each act of kindness expresses LOVE to yourself.

Again and again.

And we need that reassurance. We need to know we are loved and cherished. Especially in our own hearts.



We have a desire to feel a connection to what is beyond the concerns of daily life. Something inside ourselves. Something sacred.

We have a desire to bring what is inside ourselves out into the world, rather than grasping for what is outside.

We have a desire to be seen and felt and heard.

This is sacred.

What is inside me is a lot of love and a desire to connect with you on a very deep level.

Beyond the concerns of daily life.

I’m pouring my love into my Healthy and Powerfully Feminine workshop.



Why Healthy?

Health is about so much more than diet and exercise.

Emotions and the stories we are feeding ourselves play the biggest factor in our health – with what we look like and what’s going on inside with illness and disease.

I have experienced this in such a profound way as I wrote about last week in the article on Why I Didn’t Have Chemo.

Plus, I’ve experienced it purely from a purely physical point of view too. Today I am someone who has both green smoothies and fish and chips and doesn’t feel guilty about anything I eat. Once upon a time I would’ve ordered the grilled fish and substituted the chips for salad and I was heavier and unhappier because of it. Even when I did intensive exercise I tended to put on weight.

Today I know why and I’m going to share this in the workshop with a simple 3-step practice for eating with pleasure and never feeling guilty again.

(p.s. I will not be telling you to chew your food 20 times)

I see so many women struggling with this – pushing themselves to exercise, feeling guilty about what they’ve eaten and still not being happy with the way they look. This is disempowering and energy-draining.

This workshop will help you change that.

Believe me when I say it’s about so much more than what you eat.

It’s a deep transformational process.

Love your body and silence your inner critic so you look and feel your best.

This is what it means to be Healthy and Powerfully Feminine.

Mireille Parker Body Love Beautiful LIfe


Why Powerfully Feminine?

Our feminine essence is the most attractive force on the planet.

Just ask anyone!

When we feel good about ourselves, we actually become more beautiful and can be our powerfully feminine selves. We have energy. There’s fire in our eyes and desire in our bellies.

We are the wise ones.

When we are able to embody our feminine essence we are magnetic. We have true presence. And it is an inner quality. It’s not something we have to go out and get. It’s not about the clothes and shoes or the right cream.

Although most often today we are pushing ourselves to keep on top of things, juggling responsibilities, working hard at our jobs and managing the kids and household as well. We experience adrenal fatigue and a lack of joy. We give so much and often feel resentful because of it.

This workshop will teach you real practices for accessing your feminine power and intuition. You will learn what it means to be in your feminine or masculine and how this is affecting many areas of your life, especially love and romance. With these tools and knowledge, you will be open to receive more support and have more time and energy.

Then you can be your naturally beautiful and radiant self.

This is what it means to be Healthy and Powerfully Feminine.

If you would love to register your interest for the Healthy and Powerfully Feminine online group program to find out more, click here.

Who is the woman  emerging from deep

Imagine a life where you feel intuitively guided, calm and present.

You love your body and feel amazing in your skin.

You know how to go within and receive wisdom.

Your mind is clear.

You make decisions that feel right and you follow through on them.

And your life feels beautiful and fulfilling, joyful and abundant!

 This is what it means to be Healthy and Powerfully Feminine.


If you would love to register your interest for the Healthy and Powerfully Feminine online group program to find out more, click here.


Loving you wildly,

Mi xxx

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