Love Your Life To Love Your Life

Friend, is it ok to love your life? I’m writing to you today because I wanted to explore some feelings that are coming up over admitting I love my life and also to share the practice that I do to love my life. I am in creative phase of my cycle and bucking to write more. I tried to hold out but hey, I’m going with it.

Lately I have been posting some of my journal on my Instagram author’s page while I work on my next book and wait for the others to be published. Sometimes I post a practice I do that starts out “I love my life, I love..” and then I list out all the things I love. I love being organised. I love sitting at my desk on a Sunday evening, I love espresso in that orange cup and choc-coated ice-cream..that kind of thing. But admitting I love my life aloud, where people can see and judge me, brings up so many feelings. I am conscious of this and then do it anyway. I do it even more so. Even though it is scary. It is not scary like walking through a dangerous part of town at night by myself but almost.

What if what we want is on the other side of this fear of judgement? That’s what I’m exploring. I mean, look at any one with popularity on the gram. It’s who dares wins. Or so it seems. If you are willing to post a picture of yourself every day, you may stand a chance, like one French lawyer who became popular for posting her fashion and had to override thoughts of “my family are going to be wondering why I’m posting a picture of myself in this white t-shirt”.  It’s scary to put ourselves out there and the fears are deep seated. If you got kicked out of the tribe you stood no chance of survival and some cultures are still very tribal.

But the “I love my life” practice is a way I built myself back up from when I was feeling so down at the end of 2016 when my life was in a mess. What I do know is that most of what we experience all comes down to perception. We filter out 95% of life and remember according to our beliefs. So by practising with the I love my life filter, we actually start to experience it. Whether you believe in the law of attraction, like attracts like and what your focus on grows, try the I love my life filter every day, writing it down, and see how good it makes you feel for one.

Feel your feelings of course. In my journal I also write out how I’m feeling every day and sometimes it’s good and necessary to be down for periods and go through what needs to be felt. But to be there every day endlessly? It’s not that helpful. Well, that’s what I found anyway.

How about you? Are you a feeling feelings type? Do you practise loving your life?


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Thank you!

Lots of love,

Mireille xx

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