Love, Romance + Sweet Pleasure in Bali


Hello my love!

Are you enjoying enough romance?

I sure am!

I’m feeling lovely. Today started with a bit of stress, but by 7am that was handled and what followed was a journey back to slowness and pleasure.

A beautiful yin yoga class, where the postures are long and deep and you intuitively go as far as your body desires or requires. There were tennis balls involved too.

Then a manicure and pedicure, followed by a massage with this amazing woman who makes me feel like I’m slowly being trampled by an elephant, in such a good way. I am now her devotee.

This really is a fine romance!

Sorry to disappoint you if you were expecting some juicy hook up tales. Today I’m going to talk about pleasuuuure.

I’m here in Bali romancing my soul, getting loved up with my lap top, making sweet love to my business, Queening to my heart’s content and practising the fine Art of Being Alone.

It really is an art.

I feel like I’m teaching people here that it’s okay to be alone.

People that I meet keep saying “Ooh must be hard” type of things.

‘Babies?’ They say.

‘No, not yet’ I answer.



It all sounds so Eat, Pray, Love.

Even that Bintang smuggler I wrote about on this week’s blog post on How I Don’t Drink (in a culture that very much does) chimed in with a ‘I feel lonely sometimes being here with these 2 couples.’

Of course you do dear you’re distracting yourself.

I didn’t really say that. I said,

‘Yes sometimes you can feel more lonely in a group than alone.’

The truth is I’m not lonely.

It’s not hard here.

I’m enjoying myself!!

Is this hard for you to believe too??

I’ve been way lonelier in relationships when I was trying not to be lonely.

Have you felt that too?

Perhaps you’ve gone for the wrong guy or girl just because they’re there, or if in relationship, getting all needy and naggy.

Because we want attention!!

But what if we gave ourselves the attention we so desired?

What would happen if we stopped waiting and crowned ourselves the Queen of our Pleasure?

That would be a whole lot of fun…

Or would you feel guilty?

It would be interesting to reflect on what this brings up in you.

Do you think, “Geez I’d love even a day on my own!” or do you think “Hmm nice but would be better with the love of my life…”? (cue violins)

Only kidding, it’s good to feel the pain of being alone.

Better than distraction.

Pain motivates us to move.

Distraction keeps people spinning in circles.

Or settling.

I have felt the pain of being alone.

I wrote about it.

There is the pain and then there is the beauty in the pain.

The treasure.

And in being alone there is also so much pleasure.

I really really enjoy sprawling out across a big bed and sitting at breakfast by myself, drinking black coffee, observing the others, staring into the void (because how often do we have that luxury?) and writing whatever comes to mind.

Creativity keeps me company.


Lie down under a frangipani tree and don’t do anything.

Your creativity will start flowing like a glorious river.

(It doesn’t have to be a frangipani tree even).

Nurture it. Nourish it.

Your mind can be a most entertaining companion.

Pleasure is cultivated.

Being Healthy + Powerfully Feminine means being Queen of your Pleasure.

Pleasure keeps you slim and satisfied.

Are you receiving enough pleasure?

By expanding your pleasure portfolio, you will not seek pleasure in any one form.

Most people though, don’t allow themselves to explore this.

We are too embarrassed to bring coloured pencils on holiday or swing on the swings or hang from the monkey bars or dine alone.

And I feel like it’s a great shame!

Lack of pleasure is an epidemic.

It makes people fat!

And unhappy.

Lacking that ‘Je ne sais quoi’, that ‘Joie de Vivre’.

Let’s not pretend we’re only grown ups!

We’re pleasure seeking creatures after all and if your body doesn’t receive enough pleasure, she will seek it out in the most convenient form.

Whatever that is for you.

If you don’t know what brings you pleasure it’s okay it’s normal.

Go exploring.

Today as I sat at the Yoga Barn’s Cafe enjoying that post yoga stillness and nourishing myself with a fresh coconut and a beet, carrot and lime juice, I started to write about what brings me pleasure…The pleasure of relishing in the world of health.

The pleasure of making connections between words and their meaning.

The pleasure of watching the ink form words and shapes across the page as my hand moves and creates.

The pleasure of lying under a pink frangipani tree as the morning slips by.

The pleasure of waking from a nap in the fresh air to see the sky.

The pleasure of spicy food.

The pleasure of sitting and not having to go anywhere.

The pleasure of observing people.

The pleasure of watching Australians greet the Balinese staff as old friends.

The pleasure of taking self-pleasure breaks.

(Are you getting enough of that?)

The pleasure of standing in an immigration queue and repeating “Thank you! I am grateful!” the whole time.

The pleasure of sharing a smile with a stranger.

The pleasure of tropical heat.

The pleasure of eating rice done well.

The pleasure of finishing work you set out to do.

The pleasure of having only a small bag of belongings and keeping everything so neat.

The pleasure of walking in the early morning.

The pleasure of rubbing flowers into my feet.

Have I given you enough pleasure?

Ruminate on these. How do they make you feel?

What brings you pleasure?

I’d love to know!

Just sit with pen and paper and write, ‘The pleasure of…’ and wait.

Let it come.

Let it flow.

Let it move through you.


Drink it in.

Connoisseur of your own romance.

Queen of your Pleasure.

Let’s rule this world x

Wishing you a pleasure-filled week!

Sending so much love,

Mireille xxx

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