Married At First Sight : Intuition & Receiving

Dear friend, have you been watching Married At First Sight? I didn’t know what to write to you about today so I will write about this. Last Monday I woke at 4.30am and couldn’t get back to sleep so I ended up reading Rich As Fuck  and then I felt the urge to look at Amanda Frances’s instagram, which I resisted at first, and from there I had the urge to look at Katrina Ruth’s account, which I resisted at first too. But I read a post from her saying to teach what has been most transformative in your life.

At first I wasn’t sure what has been most transformative in my life. There are things that I’m practising but am not 100% sure about, like the law of attraction. Then there are things that I’m writing my books about but haven’t wanted to write here because I’d rather tell it as a full story. But over the week, it became clear that learning about love and relationships has been the most transformative thing in my life. I started off so bad at it and was for a very long time. But in the last five years this is really what I’ve been studying and practising behind the scenes.

And though my ego was saying “no, no.. I don’t want to teach!” that little call of the soul was saying go on, step in gently. So today, I again had no clue what to write but here it is. My head wanted to write about Married At First Sight but it was only a way for my heart to speak. Intuition feels like a push from the heart to me. It’s a physical feeling, which I practise tuning into. If I have to decide between two things or where to park, what to eat, I’ll ask my heart and listen to the feeling. Left or right, I ask, and I get an impulse or an answer of right or left. Know what I mean? 

Jess Lively has said, “The ego pushes, the soul calls” and sometimes I haven’t been so clear on what this means. But I guess it is exactly what I’ve just written about. My mind wants a good night’s sleep and decides I shouldn’t look up the Married At First Sight cast before bed because I wake up at 4.30am alert, my brain churning with ideas. But sometimes this is a good thing. One thing I feel for sure is true from the law of attraction (Abraham) teachings is that we receive thought, according to our vibrational frequency. That’s why I don’t think about important things at night when I’m tired or have critical discussions then.

But these little bread crumbs, one thing leading to the next, that morning at 4.30am, felt like part of a manifestation for sure, leading to me here, with more to come. Over the week other pieces started to come together, as ideas formulated out of the abyss. Abraham says that thought is manifestation, and sometimes you are not ready for your desire so you get the letting in process instead. These past five years have been a letting in process, a learning, an education, stepping stones on a path of discovery, still continuing. But getting closer it seems.


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Lots of love,

Mireille xx

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