Manifesting A Miracle This Week!

‘Rule your mind or it will rule you.’

~ Horace

When I hear how many Australians commit suicide every week. When I read that another ex has been brutally murdered. When I see that doctors, nurses and health staff are feeling so stressed and overwhelmed. That people are fighting over toilet paper. That an old friend has bought Master Your Mind because his wife has a serious illness. I think, no I must not be quiet. I must share this.

Because if we have control of our mind, if we have happiness, the kingdom is ours. We are each so powerful. SO powerful.

Something amazing happened last weekend. I had been watching some videos on selling on Amazon on Friday night and it put me in a bit of a low vibe state. It felt quite overwhelming and I felt tired, too tired to blah put myself out there again. I went to sleep and two hours later woke up, tossing and turning with “What if I fail?” thoughts.

I tried to just breathe through it. Then I remembered this other video I wanted to watch from Aaron Doughty, a law of attraction/consciousness teacher. He was saying that in 2020 it’s all about how you can help and it has to come from the heart, in no matter what field we’re in. But it has to be genuine.

At the beach with my friend the next morning, I was telling her I’d decided I was going to practise the law of attraction more when it came to my books. Still not feeling totally in alignment but allowing that to be so, I read and after lunch I fell asleep on the grass there. I remember having an intense dream and feeling this unease. How could I promote Master Your Mind when I’ve just finished talking about Wonderlust?

Just then I received a message from a friend I knew seventeen years ago. He’d got in touch out of the blue a month back to ask me to sign a petition as his wife tragically has developed a motor neurone disease, ALS. Now his message said that he’d bought Master Your Mind and he hoped it would help.

Whoa just like that I was snapped straight out of my head and into my heart! Oh my God. This is so not about me!! If I can help someone out there to create the peace within, that is exactly why I brought the book out now and so quickly!

Now I am so motivated to promote the book because people actually need this. I’ve distilled what I’ve learned over the past 17 years into a 30-day, 20-minute a day process. The crazy thing is that my friend came into my life exactly at the time I’ve been writing to you about, with the break up that propelled me to learn about the power of the mind!

I knew him very briefly between the break up and my trip to India and it was exactly on the Easter Thursday that I went out with him and not with my friends. My ex called the next day to ask why I hadn’t come out. Ja, I remember things. Imagine knowing that seventeen years later, what I learned then would help this guy help the love of his life? Or that him messaging me, following his intuition, would be the motivation I needed right at that moment to share this work?!!

Isn’t it awesome?!

Learning to master my mind was the best thing that ever happened to me. And now, because of my friend’s message, I’m offering to do the practice with you so you can ask any questions and get help and clarification as we go. To join, you simply have to do the following.

1.Get the Master Your Mind : Create Peace Within book.

2.Follow my MasterYourMindBook on Instagram.

I’ll be posting the daily updates and insights there. We start on Monday! And if you’re not in my Museletter community, please join here and let me know if you’re joining the MYM practice. Can’t wait to hear from you!


Mireille xx

p.s. Stay tuned for Sunday when I’ll be posting How To Turn Fear To Faith!

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