Manifest : On Increasing Receptivity

I have a confession to make. Every time someone buys one of my transformational guides, the limiting belief comes up and that voice of the Inner Critic to say, “Oh my God! Is it good enough?”. There is a feeling of panic.

So I have decided to write more based on what’s in the guides because otherwise I forget what’s in there. The truth is that they are both simple and easy to implement and sometimes packed with background information as well. When I finished each one, I was happy with and proud of it.

Recently, I did a training in Three Brain Coaching with Christoffel Sneijders. It was amazing and I’m now offering some coaching spaces.  Receive that information here.

It also made me realise how much I already knew from my own education and personal experience. Not just ‘know’ but embody. Many people know things. It’s what we do and who we are that counts.

Life can be a lot. There’s so much information out there. But I am about simplicity. Paring down. To receive more.


How can we increase receptivity to manifest our heart’s desires?

1. Believe you are worth it. 

2. Allow yourself to receive. Many people don’t feel comfortable receiving. Start to notice how you act when you receive a compliment or act of kindness. Are you able to fully receive it? Do you say ‘thank you!’ or play it down, make a joke, or, like I used to do, tell the person about the price of the dress (how you got it on sale) and where you got it from? Start to practise receiving more fully without all this.

3. Check limiting beliefs. Most people feel that if they didn’t work hard for it, they don’t deserve it. But how great is it to give also? If giving comes from a pure intention and is received with appreciation, it’s a double blessing.

4. Stop feeling guilty. Or feel guilty but notice you are. Feeling guilty is better than being resentful. Being aware of our feelings and processing them, while changing limiting beliefs is what I cover in the Empower guide. If you are in my Museletter community already, you can receive it here. If not, come join and you will receive the guide with my Ease-Intuition-Flow guide when you subscribe.

 5. Be in the body. When we are in the body, we are in our feminine energy (no matter what gender you ascribe to). That’s why I’ve always said we need a great relationship with our bodies. Imagine you are in your masculine mental space, berating your body, which is the domain of the feminine. I’m talking energies here. Like the yin yang symbol represents, it is a daily dance in each of us. When we are in the body, not the mind, we are in the receptive zone. Do and then be. Or be, do be. If you would like help with creating a great relationship with the body, check out my Radiate guide for Loving The Body Beautiful.

Do you have any more tips for increasing receptivity? Let us know in the comments below. 

My last episode from the Living Deeply Stories podcast was on Celebrating 77 Manifestations & Achievements in The Last Two Years.

And if you would love more on manifesting, receive MAGNETISE to Love Your Life, Love Yourself and Manifest!

Happy manifesting, my love!


Mireille xx

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