Manifest : Presence Creates Presents!

I doubt many people are as excited about presence as me. And when I say presence I mean the good old-fashioned just being here now. Presence led to the best year of my life at 38. And recently, Life has been pushing me to be present again. Like, really.

How? By biting my tongue when I’m eating and going off on mind-tangents. That makes me present. Or how, 2 1/2 weeks ago, I was doing lunge jumps to get fit for the dance performance that’s coming up in October. But my mind was elsewhere, thinking about a happy morning I’d just had and continuing the conversation. Then I tripped and fell on my foot. It really hurt. I fractured it, in fact. So, I was present.

And I’ve been a whole lot more present in the time since!  

Some people don’t believe everything happens for a reason. I’m not that person. Lately I learnt how powerful presence is for a Human Design Projector. Our strategy is to wait for the invitation. God/The Universe needs space to deliver its gifts.

When I lie down and feel my feelings and do nothing, no TV or reading etc, for a few hours, I receive opportunities. Like interviewing Cassandra Bodzak, manifesting expert, recently. Her v/a approached me.  For a long time I thought that being a Projector meant doing nothing while we wait but in fact it’s about being visible so people know we’re here. 

In September I’m being interviewed by Polly Alexandre of The Feminine Millionaire podcast about the process of writing Love Queen. Stay tuned! This came about also by me showing up consistently, sharing my truth, even when it’s embarrassing to do so. Like with Cassandra. She has 184K followers on IG and I have 173. Thank you guys I love you!

Do you know how much being ok with yourself this takes to show up as a pro no matter what the numbers say? Sometimes shame comes up and I just have to lie on my bed and feel it. Then it passes. 

I shared how to do this in my Empower guide.

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Interviewing Cassandra also taught me to be generous with others, as she was with me. What I’ve learned though too on this journey post brain surgery, metastatic breast cancer and putting my life back together is that I have actually lived it. I have found out through trial and error how to manifest and deal with major life challenges. No matter how few Instagram followers I have.

Sometimes this can be attractive too though. When I look at people who are successful without the regular credentials, like a large following, I think, wow that person must be doing something right! What I’m trying to say is it doesn’t have to matter. These are the conversations in my head that promoting the interview brought up.

Projectors are, apparently (yes), obsessed with success because we feel so qualified but doing it the regular way can make it elusive. That’s why PRESENCE has been such a gift to me. Try it and see.

On The Living Deeply Stories podcast this week, I’ll share how I used Manifesting Alignment Flow techniques at the hospital emergency department last week. It’s on Apple and elsewhere that podcasts are found too!

Lots of love,

Mi xx

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