When Your World Crashes Down

The year is 2016 and I am working away in my coaching business, having just finished running the Healthy and Powerfully Feminine online course for the first time, and loving it! Sure there are many ways I could improve my organisational skills. I have a stack of papers beside my desk with all the ideas and projects I’m going to implement and a piece of paper posted to the pinup board above my desk listing out what I’m going to be doing each month. Then Life happens.

Literally, just as I finish the ebook on How To Be Queen of Your Love Life and upload it, the first migraine hits. It feels like having a plate smashed in my face. I stagger home from the cafe and spend the next month either lying in bed, trying to work up the courage to turn over, or making it out dosed up on pills to get different therapies to try and work out what is wrong. In between, when I do feel good, I try to post on instagram, to publicise my ebook and keep running my business, but each time I’m slapped back down by a killer migraine.

Eventually my friend Aleisha says to get an MRI and I do and find out I have a 6cm tumour in my head pushing the whole brain over, causing the migraines. Well, you may know the rest. I have emergency brain surgery two days later, spend a week in the hospital and eight months recovering. The behind the scenes, I will be sharing in my next books. The thing is that after a few months (a few weeks?), I tried to carry on as usual, posting on instagram and then having the great idea (sarcasm) to run a Body Love workshop. Only looking back could I see that I wasn’t ready for it. But at the time, I tried to carry on as usual. Then I accidentally deleted all my YouTube videos by “mistake” one day and was so distraught that I finally gave up.

That was when the journey to wellness really began. It was awful also and  I went through many months of suffering and even longer to fully come to terms with the repercussions, but ultimately I am happier and better. Even though I felt happy and good before. Right now there is a lot of this going on, worlds coming crashing down, and I’m writing this to say that it does get better. This midlife crisis really is for our highest good. The Great Awakening.


I’ve created a guide called Elevate to help anyone wanting to turn their life around,  get out of a slump and start going in an upwards direction or for those who would love some High Vibe Conversation Starters. I know how it is.  Grab yours here.

Lots of love,

Mireille xx

p.s. You can find me on Instagram here or for my art, Locomotive Creations, here.

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