My Best Sex only $3.30 today!

If sex sells, I’m doing it.

The past week I’ve been reviewing Wonderlust : The Novel and when I came to the sex scenes I was especially proud. Are they good? You be the judge. I think so. I wanted to make them kind of realistic and still hot.

It’s quite hard to write sex. Just read Fifty Shades and you’ll see! It’s hard not to sound like a dick. It’s hard to find the vocabulary that is sensual, sexy but not explicit. And then to find more words so you don’t keep repeating the same ones.

Less is more, in any case. This is what my tutor said when I was trying to write a short story about a kiss when I went back to uni, aged 28, to study creative writing. I read what I’d written to the group and they laughed. That was very embarrassing but ultimately, good training.

How could I not love the guy? 

‘Do it again,’ I pulled him closer. 

~ Wonderlust

So ja, I’m happy with my sex scenes. In fact, this is the best sex I’ve ever written. And today I’m offering it at $3.30!! I’m doing a kind of relaunch.

Woohoo!! Why $3.30? Well, 3 in numerology is all about abundance and happy communications, creative assertions, self-expression and direction for creative endeavours. In tarot it is the Empress card that represents a strong inner voice, resembling creation and growth and warning against inaction.It’s the Kindle version and no, you don’t need a Kindle to read it. You can download a free app when purchasing and read it on any device or computer. 

The number 3 also resembles the mind-body-soul and birth-life-death cycle. This all relates so much to Wonderlust. Plus three is my number and it’s the 03/03 today and 3:30 when I send this to you. If you keep on seeing 33s or 333 or 3 is your number too, this could also be a message for you.


Wonderlust is the desire for a deeper experience of life, for intellectual stimulation, creative expression, travel, culture, fun & interesting conversation. 


 Receive your Wonderlust for US$3.30 today

Next week I’ll write some more about travel and voyaging. Till then..

Lots of love,

Mireille xx

p.s. It’s also really embarrassing when you Aunties and Uncles and everyone else reads what’s there in the crevices of your mind (aka hot sex and hot non-sex) but I try not to think too much about that. Also, I can’t see who buys it so no worries!

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