What Is The Art of Non-Doing?

‘By letting go, it all gets done.’

~ Lao Tzu

It has become apparent to me that the more I do, in certain situations, the more it doesn’t turn out. So I’m again going with the flow of Life and when I feel resistance coming up in the form of stuff not working out, I’m letting it go. And just like that, things tend to resolve themselves.

On Thursday there was an issue with Master Your Mind. The new description I uploaded to Amazon hadn’t saved. When I went to fix it on Monday, the problem had dissolved. Non-doing feels right now and I know I’ve said it before. But here we are again. The de-conditioning process takes time. And practice.

The Tao say to try hard in the creation process but in the delivery, let go. I’m working on my 8th book (Books 4-7 have been started) and doing quite a lot. I’ve been into visualisation like never before. It’s calm. This is what I’d like. But there are certain situations I can’t control and so I am surrendering, allowing Life to guide me. 

I’ve been doing online classes from The Yoga Barn in Bali (it’s off their FB page) and when I started 10 days ago, I couldn’t sit with my legs out in front of me. It caused excruciating nerve hyperactivity & pain. Now I can fully bend forward again. I could already see a huge difference by the second session. It was the letting go in between. I didn’t have to do anything else. The Life Force. Not magic, but nature. Power over force.

The art of non-doing that I’m doing is tending to my energy to draw in experiences & opportunities. It was really fun refusing & unsubscribing from mailing lists of ‘how to get people to buy your book’ scenarios. By letting go, it all gets done. I certainly feel things are happening. Clearing away. Recuperating. Restoring. Powerful aura magnetising, absorbing.


Wishing you a wonderful week and full moon on Thursday. I am going inwards for sacred menstruation.

Amazingly, being in the induced menopause, I realised that I still followed a cycle, just like the one I described here many moons ago (lol). So if you don’t menstruate, you can still apply the cycles to optimise your life, starting from the full moon as your ‘moon time’.

Lots of love,

Mireille xx

P.S. Join here to stay tuned for Thursday when I’m sharing my most exciting discovery of late. It’s a powerful way for clearing layers of emotions to go down deeper into Consciousness – that you can do while washing the dishes!

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