Why Was My Law of Attraction Post So Popular ?

Today I feel excited because something small but amazing has happened! For a while (a while) I’ve been trying to figure out how to increase blog traffic, engagement and what not and feeling like a bit of a loser. Or just a splenic projector who has not yet totally figured out alignment when it comes to my BIZ-ness.

Ok so on Thursday I finished my morning’s submissions and then I thought, “Oh yay I have all this time to declutter my photos like I wanted to”. I went to take a shower though and got the download to write a blog post on The Law of Attraction.

My mind protested.

This was not the plan.

But my heart and spleen and whole body really wanted to.

I could not resist.

So I did.

I wrote it quickly and then sent it to my museletter community too.

As I was about to log out, I felt to look at the campaigns and saw that, THREE MINUTES after posting it, I already had THREE TIMES as many of you open it as the last two posts!!



So here are some possible reasons why. I’d love you to tell me which you think it is.

  1. People are really interested in the law of attraction.
  2. Writing and posting it then was coming from my highest excitement and therefore, my alignment.
  3. 10am (my time) on Thursday is the best time to post.
  4. I used the word ‘excited’ in the beginning.
  5. I followed intuition (my splenic authority) rather than logic.
  6. I asked a question in the title, which is part of the projector’s strategy for manifesting.
  7. There was zero attachment. (I actually didn’t expect many to read it or I didn’t think about it)


Perhaps it is one or a combination of these. Which do you feel it is?


Some notes on these and what I have learned that helped me come to these conclusions. 

I have been OBSESSED with the Align By Design podcast on human design and alignment and listened to an episode interviewing splenic projector and lifestyle branding coach Sara Kas this week. Her one tip for using social media was that it is like the matrix so when we plug in, it really is about the ENERGY.

Instagram, Facebook and what not are living, breathing organisms, she says. So if you are doing something because it’s fun and you love it and you can’t help sharing it, people feel this and it magnetises them.

I feel this way about WRITING and MANIFESTING.

Plus, projectors need to do work they love because we get so ABSORBED in it. True dat!

I have been learning from Align By Design’s Amy Elizabeth and Katrina Ruth to stop doing the things I don’t love or because that’s the strategy or because that’s what everyone’s doing. And do a lot less.

The word ‘exciting’ is an emotion an apparently using these at the beginning of blog posts is good in the google analytics. Or something. Well I wasn’t pretending. I really was excited. So what came first, the alignment or the analytics?

Yeah, I think a lot about such things.

(I have defined head and anja in human design)

On Saturday we had our first Pfizer vaccine and afterwards ended up at a bookstore.

I didn’t want to buy a book on business.

But I bought two.

I couldn’t help it.

I feel this pull.

Know what I mean?

When I was working as a transformational coach, I used to follow my highest EXCITEMENT all the time.

But I found that a bit chaotic I guess, in retrospect.

But now, with the added depth of organisational skills, let’s see how it goes to LIBERATE my creativity and aim it in this direction again.

I’m going with the flow.

So tell me LOVE, which of my seven reasons explain my last post’s SUCCESS?


Soon I will share how I manifested my Bali trip in 2017 using the five law of attraction steps and how I MANIFEST all my trips, love and work.

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Stay tuned!

I love you,

Mireille xx

ps. I’m posting  @mireilleparker_xx on Insta.

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