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As busy women, what’s our biggest luxury?



As a female entrepreneur, there’s a very real danger of working seven days a week. You come home on a Sunday night and think, ‘What if I’ve received an important email? Maybe I’ll just check quickly…’ or ‘How’s my post going on Facebook?’ and there’s the thought that if you do more now, tonight, you’ll have less to do tomorrow.

It’s awesome to be inspired and on occasion we really do need to work a weekend, but we also need to monitor our energy and put boundaries around our free time – so that we actual have some real free time and not just the fake one where you’re ‘having fun’ but still thinking of work.

To be powerfully feminine we must max out both our productivity and play and the only way to do this is by being present.

Yesterday we had an incredible day in the Swiss mountains. We took the train (my happy place) and stopped for coffee in a log cabin, we hiked upon a rocky path for two hours, had a picnic in the fresh air and finally lounged before the great snowy beasts (the mountains), dozing off in the sun. When I came home I ate dinner, watched some TV and then took a long bath and went to bed.

It was idyllic, but I would not have been open to receiving the full pleasure of the day if not for my phone, which has a weird way of losing battery when I need it most. It’s kind of annoying, but at the same time I’ve come to appreciate it.


View from the train - Switzerland

To be powerfully feminine we must be able to experience pleasure fully and for that we have to be present.

Honestly, it doesn’t always feel that great to be present – at least not at first.  It can be a bit boring. We are used to a fast pace of life, not sitting on beaches with our toes in the sand staring at the sunset or on mountain tops simply taking in the view. We can get impatient with that.

Don’t you sometimes feel that your mind is still thinking of work or trying to squeeze in a few jobs when you’re supposed to be ‘relaxing’ ? You could be getting a massage and thinking about that conversation or that very important thing you still have to do or even writing your shopping list.

If so, then you’re resisting pleasure. The only solution?



Mireille Parker Purple Dress look away










The good news?

Presence is a practice.

Do presence enhancing activities like yoga, meditation, dancing or any other sport. Go for a walk and focus on your breath, the beauty around you or repeat a mantra or affirmation rather than letting your thoughts run wild.

Then, reduce presence robbing distractions.

If you’re like me and 95% of the industrialized world, the distraction is social media and other apps. Nothing sucks the magnetic presence out of a woman more than having her head stuck in her phone or iPad at any available break in conversation or entertainment. I don’t know about you, but I find it very unattractive. Don’t you agree?

Your opportunity :

Ask yourself what’s robbing you of your presence.

Are you happy with your relationship to your electronics?

Imagine what it would be like to change that.

Could it be starting your day without turning your phone on and seeing how far you can take it. Could it be till the afternoon? The whole day even? Go on, get carried away.

Would you secretly love to take a certain app off your phone? Be daring. Even if you put it back on in two weeks, you’ll probably find that, like sugar after a detox, you just don’t want it that much anymore.

You decide what’s right for you. Only you can be mistress of your pleasure and gatekeeper to your working day.

Recently I unfriended over 300 people on Facebook that I didn’t really know (from real life or online). Lots of people friend request me and some of these have led to genuine connections as well. But I was finding my feed swamped with news and inspiring quotes from people I didn’t know at all and I could feel a desperate energy every time I went there. The desire to delete was rising and so finally I did it. Now when I go on Facebook I can see the posts of people I actually know and it feels really good. I’m smiling when I think about it now.

I’m not against social media – I adore the way it connects us and without it you wouldn’t be reading this – but I also know how important it is for our health and vitality as powerfully feminine women to do what feels right and not what we feel obliged to.

Plus, being powerfully feminine requires us to be present, maximize our pleasure and take real time out for ourselves.

Are you going to claim it?

♥ How about you? Do you practice presence? And how? Or what new boundary are you going to have fun with this week?  I’d love to hear in the comments below♥

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