Love Queen : The Making of a Master

“This was a wonderful read! I was gripped from the very start…the sheer honesty, the love stories, the wonderful travel descriptions and the positivity with which the author faced her health troubles. I have bought the book for a friend who I hope will enjoy it as much as I did.”

~ Catrin Young


“I was lucky enough to receive a preview copy of this book when I interviewed Mireille for my podcast, and I ended up staying up late into the night because I just couldn’t put it down.

It’s is hilarious, real honest, raw and tender, all at once. Mireille touches on the realities of being a single woman trying to find herself, navigate life, love, spirituality & breast cancer, in a moving and and relatable memoir.

I really enjoyed the book & the fact it is all true (some names have been changed!) makes it all the more real and poignant. There’s both a fierceness, a strength and a vulnerability in the author’s journey that makes it such an engaging and entertaining read.

Highly recommended.”

~ Polly Alexandre


“From strange attractions and connections to the power of love and the transformative experience of coping with its ebbs and flows, Parker brings readers into a world buffeted by revelations about growth, healing, and change.

Readers and book clubs that choose this memoir for its unique life experiences and discussions of various emotional and physical survival tactics will find much food for thought and debate because this book encourages deeper-level thinking about not just surviving, but staying present in and engaged with life.” 

~ D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review. 


“Parker’s personality is clear: extroverted, highenergy, bubbly and blunt, pulling no punches. The force is sustained for hundreds of pages. She’s candid about her beliefs and her insecurities, her spiritual practices, and her miscommunications. Love Queen reveals how passions and foibles make a person who they are.”

 ~ Independent Book Review


“Parker’s latest book is a lively portrait of a woman who came into her own by reflecting on her past relationships. She frames her transformative journey with her life story, beginning with her eternal wanderlust for faraway places. She’s candid and earnest as she writes about her deeper anxieties that begin to emerge a few years into her marriage.

The author’s writing is vulnerable, honest, and imaginative: she uses a first-person narrative voice and journal entries to illuminate the finer points of her transformation. Parker’s unflinching honesty along with the boldness of her internal and external journeys make the book a worthwhile read.”  

~ BookView Review

Wonderlust : The Novel

Wonderlust is unapologetically true to life with all its highs and lows and funny bits in between. It’s immensely enjoyable and I absolutely loved it!”

~ Shannah 


“Wow wow wow! Loooved it! I couldn’t put it down. Exactly my type of book. So many parts the beliefs and thoughts made me smile. I still can’t believe how i could see straight into Sarah’s mind with that ability to express her feelings. The emotions and dialogue are expressed so genuinely. It’s a smart, funny and articulate read – highly recommended!”

~ Leah


“I just finished reading Wonderlust and loved it! What a beautifully written book. I think it articulates perfectly the importance of embracing the mundanity of life and finding joy in it and not continually seeking the ‘eat, pray, love” moment’!”

~ Kavita


“It was really compelling, I couldn’t put it down. I loved the characters and could really relate.”

~ Craig


photo“When I decided to work with Mireille I was ending a much needed break from biz and redefining what I really wanted to achieve in my business. I knew I needed support and weekly accountability to keep me on track.

Mireille provided that and so much more. She got that what was coming up as a challenge in my business was really about what was happening with me at a deeper level. She wasn’t afraid to hold the space while we explored, moved through and let go of a lot of what was making it challenging for me to move forward with playfulness and ease.

During our time together I made some very significant moves in my business and life. Not the least of which was delivering my 12 week transformation program in a group for the first time, moving interstate, starting a new relationship, letting go enough to hire more help in my business than ever before as well as delivering a talk to the largest audience I have even spoken to (and with the biggest revenue result!).

Mireille’s wisdom and skill helped me navigate from near business oblivion towards the most successful year in my business yet. Thank you so much Mireille.”

Suzanna Broughton

Intuitive Financial Healer and Trainer


Paula Constant Sowilo TEDx 2015 Sahara Slow Journey South

“Recently I recognised the need to create space in my life to check in with someone on a regular basis, time to monitor exactly where I am at and to monitor my own emotional behaviour.  Even with a regular practice of yoga and meditation, we don’t always have perspective on our own life, and that was where I began with Mireille.

I struggled a little with my ego at the beginning.  Here is a woman younger than I, from a completely different way of life, helping with a life I felt she couldn’t possibly understand.  But at the same time, I recognised the limitation of that kind of thinking, and entered into the process willingly.  I found the first few sessions helpful, but recently I had a breakthrough that I found very powerful.

I had a sense of several difficult issues (love, food, and money, to be precise) dancing together on the edge of my conscious mind, and not in a positive way.  I felt that I was blocked in all those areas, and that there were old beliefs in there holding me back.

Mireille took me through a powerful guided meditation, that took nearly the whole session.  Just when I thought I knew where it was going, she responded by moving a step further, and then one more, leading me down a pathway into my own being and opening doors to my subconscious beliefs I hadn’t known were there.  In doing so, she literally helped rewire my thinking, so that in the weeks following, I can still return to that meditation to help me do things differently.

The results were immediate, and are still resonating.  Mireille’s private coaching has been something of a revelation to me, as it went against my own instincts to take it up, but has proven to be one of the greatest gifts I have given myself.

She is a beautiful soul with genuine insight, and a true desire to help and inspire.  I trust her completely, and highly recommend her.

Paula Constant

Sowilo Soul Centre owner/operator, author of Slow Journey South and Sahara + speaker at TEDx Perth 2015.



Screenshot 2015-10-30 16.16.11

“I signed up for this course after making a life altering decision. I can quite easily say that without this course I would not be anywhere near the point I am now. With each week’s session I have learned more and more about how to proactively improve my well-being and life in general.

In what has been a very emotional time, I have gained strength, understanding and a new perspective. I am in a wonderfully healthy, happy place and so much of it is because of Mireille and her beautiful course.

In such a short space of time so many amazing things have been coming into my life because I have been given the skills to receive them – thousands of dollars, a job, positive and supportive people and various other fantastic opportunities.

I highly recommend this course to any woman, whatever her situation. Only wonderful things will come from it.”

Katie Cohn

Events Management


Screenshot 2015-10-30 15.57.34

“I feel I have come so far since starting this course. I have more clarity, my creativity is flowing and I feel I am on the right path.

I have much less anxiety and worry. I feel more balanced, centred and connected. I am feeling more in control and less stressed about finances and I even manifested  $5000! I have learned so many techniques that I will use and come back to, I am sure.”

Leah Grant

Singer, Songwriter + Musician


Screenshot 2015-10-30 16.25.35

“Through the Healthy and Powerfully Feminine course I have come to see life through new eyes and am making positive changes for myself. The support and guidance of Mireille has been invaluable and the group of lovely women I’ve been spending my Wednesday nights with the past weeks has become something to look forward to while learning manifesting techniques.

The experience has been grounding and enlightening. I’d recommend this course for any woman! Hand outs are provided to continue practice throughout the week and I feel a lot of new tools have been added to my mental toolbox that I will use throughout my lifetime to bring in abundance, health, happiness and power.”

Janelle Lee



Screenshot 2015-10-30 15.14.02

“As a jazz vocalist currently performing in the Brenda Lee Elegance of Jazz ensemble, I felt a strong desire to contribute my gifts and talents to the world, not only through musical performance, but also by facilitating empowering processes and coaching women to discover and celebrate their authentic voices, femininity and beauty through the art form of singing and performing.

In launching my Elegance of Jazz Singer’s Intensive, I gifted myself with necessary support and chose Mireille as my coach.  Apart from her high level of personal awareness and skills in coaching, the main reason I chose Mireille amongst many other coaches was because she took a genuine and personal interest in me as a human being.

I felt safe exploring the various aspects of myself as woman, artist and entrepreneur and Mireille was highly skilled in adapting and supporting me as a business and personal coach, helping me to overcome many personal and business challenges.

Her gentle steadfastness, positive reframing and highly effective visualisations assisted me to stay in my power, feeling grounded and focused on realising my true desires”

Brenda Lee

Jazz Singer


Screenshot-2015-05-22-10.38.37“I was amazed at how a weekly session with Mireille could simplify and prioritise issues that have been overwhelming me for years. Her calm and clever approach always put me in the right frame of mind to tackle the everyday obstacles that have stood in the way of me getting to where I want to be. I found the process very enjoyable and Mireille easy to talk and listen to. I can’t recommend her expertise enough. Thank you Mireille for all your help.”

Shannah Nix

Artist + Mother


New Picture“I came across Mireille by chance. It was a very bleak time in my life and I saw her offer thought why not. I had always wanted to find out what life coaching was about.

That was the beginning of my recovery! At first I thought this is going to be fluffy and feminine and not for me however Mireille is such a personable and beautiful person that I was drawn to what she had to say and I could relate to her.

There was homework to be done and I the weekly coaching sessions meant I was accountable so I did it and actually enjoyed developing and using my own mantras as they became a source of sanity and I firmly believe assisted me to develop an inner strength that I am still building on to this day.

Each session was different and Mireille’s intuitiveness would seek out the help I needed to unblock my thoughts every time. It was amazing really and that is what keeps me reading her articles as well following up her suggested reading.

I recommend Mireille to all of my friends and tell them that she will change their lives as they know it when they are ready! That is the secret – when you are ready to receive from the universe Mireille is there to guide and nurture you towards a more BEAUTIFUL life!”

Rosemarie Lawless



Alexandra Zaech“When I started coaching with Mireille, I didn’t feel totally authentic in my work as a coach as I wasn’t fully going for my major passion in my own life – music. As Mireille is an artist and coach herself, I felt really seen and supported by her and was able to align my daily life with my heart’s truth. Now, I start most of my days playing music and work in places in the city that feed my artistic self. I feel so much more balanced, confident and aligned with my message as a result.”

Alexandra Zäch

Singer, Artist + Coach


Screenshot 2014-12-15 20.49.27“Before working with Mireille, I was feeling quite overwhelmed with getting my business systems in place alongside the challenges of working and running a family. Mireille was helpful to me in various ways.  If she sensed I was a little too ‘busy’ she would first help me calm down by using a great meditation.  Then we would explore what I needed support with that day.  This enabled me to progress forwards with the little blocks that would sometimes keep me in indecision & hence I could move forward at a much more productive rate.

Mireille was always attentive to what was going on.  She listened to my needs and provided exactly whatever was required, sometimes advice, at other times just a bouncing board for me to explore what was really going on. She was really eloquent in her phrases, helping me get great clarity with ways of marketing my next business venture.  Thanks so much for your support Mireille !”

Sally Dibden

Personal Coach + Physiotherapist


“Through working with Mireille I was able to get a clear idea of the direction I need to move in. She helped me come to my own answers rather than just feeding me her answers. That was very helpful and I’m now excited about writing more of my story into my bio and revealing myself more.”

Leslie Johnson