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It is December 2019 and I have just published Wonderlust on Amazon. I decide to do a giveaway as I have seen people do on Instagram. Tag a friend! I say. My friends tag friends. So many friends. This is a great way to get more followers. I’ve seen how it works. My mind is happy. It loves having a project. I throw a lot of effort into the giveaway. I make videos about it. People win the giveaway. But NO ONE follows me.

Wait a minute. This is not how it works! I go down to the cafe and there I bump into a healer I know who has been at one of my workshops and I tell her how ridiculously unsuccessful my giveaway was. I ended up spending more money than it was worth. The people who won didn’t even message to say thank you. I don’t even know if they read the book.

Boo hoo.

“Do you know about human design?” Gabrielle says.

She helps me look mine up and we find out that I am a projector like her. Our purpose in life is success but our strategy is to wait for the invitation. If you look at my blog posts, you will see how often I write about achievement and success. Why? Because I am so capable but I don’t always achieve it and especially not when I follow the strategies that are supposed to work.

“A combination of Astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah and the Chakra system, human design shows you where and how to access your body’s consciousness as a decision-making tool, and ultimately, how to live as your true self. Human Design offers a map in the form of our Body Graph chart that indicates how you are unique as a person. That map can guide you in living in a manner that is in sync with who you truly are. When we live in alignment with our true nature, we begin to experience a level of comfort and acceptance for who we are, instead of chasing who we are not. We can then live a fulfilled and purposeful life. “

~ The Journal Life


What are The Four Energy Types in Human Design?

The Manifestor (9% of the population) is here to inform (their strategy) and is the one who can initiate. Their purpose in life is peace and when they are not informing  they get angry. Their aura is protective (closed and repelling).

The Projector (20%) is here to attain success and our strategy is to wait for the invitation. Our aura is focused and penetrating. When we are initiating, and not achieving success as a result (not following our strategy), we feel bitter.

The Generator (70%) is here for satisfaction They are energetic powerhouses and are here to respond. Their aura is open and enveloping. When they are initiating rather than responding, they feel frustrated.

The Reflector (1%) is here for surprise. They are here to sample and their strategy is to wait a lunar cycle before making a decision. Their aura is resistant and reflective and when they don’t follow their strategy, they get disappointed.


Actually I don’t know too much about reflectors but you can find out your design here and learn more. There is so much information out there on this and all you have to do is google.  Or read this Goop article on it here.

It goes so much more deeply than the four types. I spent five hours with my friend on Sunday, decoding our human design charts. If you don’t know your time of birth, ask your intuition and see what comes up. Or you can send me a message with your birth date and place of birth and I will let you know what my intuition says. I did this on Sunday for  my friends, family and some exes and looked at their charts. Intuition is also something that can be deciphered from your Human Design body graph and I will go more into this soon no doubt.


But What About Manifesting As A Projector Or Other Type? 

Manifestors are the kind who can sell whatever they want and it goes like hotcakes, apparently. Generators need to wait to be asked and respond. There is a fifth type ( manifesting generator) too that is often talked about. As I am a projector I will speak about manifesting as a projector and as I learn more about the other types I can share that too.

In late 2016 I had an epiphany. It was after the first brain surgery and radiation on my head. 1/3 of my hair had fallen out and I looked like Danny Devito on the right side under my pretty scarves. As I was decluttering, I came across the goals and plans I had for that year. They were laughable now. I realised then that I had been striving my whole life and I was done with it.

I put all my personal development books away because I wanted to look at my own life and see what worked for me. Lots of amazing stuff happened and especially when I was just being in the world, going with the flow and enjoying myself. When I followed the normal steps for manifesting, like pulling certain numbers out of my arse and deciding I was going to have a particular number of sign ups or a money value by a certain date, it often didn’t happen. But I still manifested money, jobs, travel, exciting opportunities, healing and wellness. Success too even.

Realising that when I was just happy and enjoying myself, good stuff happened, I started practising this and life started coming back together. Soon I discovered that this was actually the law of attraction and so I began to listen to the Abraham videos religiously and do the processes. I got a little too serious about it (a projector’s aura is penetrating and absorbing and the undefined root centre on my chart makes me obsessive). But now I realise that as a projector this is exactly how manifesting works.


Basic Law Of Attraction Is How I Manifest As A Projector.

1. Do what you love. Go deep into it. 

A projector naturally goes deeply into our passions and, as our aura is penetrating and absorbing, we love it.

2. Share your enjoyment with the world but not for specific results.

Yesterday listening to Amanda Frances’s podcast, I was reminded of this. She was talking about how, though she sets her money goals, she shares her free content and about her courses without the specific aim of getting a certain number of sign ups from it. She does it because she loves it. Likewise, when I was running my course and workshops, women came because of my enthusiasm for it and the only thing I would change is that I could have appreciated my own success more, rather than comparing myself to others who seemed to be more successful than me.

3. Take a lot of naps.

This is seriously the projectors self-care strategy. Projectors are so intense and get more done in a few hours than others might in 8. We are not supposed to work for more than short bursts and if we do consistently, we burn out or develop a serious illness by age 40. Hello breast cancer! I’m not saying it’s only because of this but I did develop it after a year of working in a hotel school, working 40 hours a week for the first time in my life and teaching more than full time hours. My other two friends who have or have had cancer are projectors too. Just an observation.

4. Don’t try and do too much.

A projector, like a manifestor and reflector is a non-energy type so we can’t keep up with the generators of the world, though we have been conditioned to. That was also my issue with the coaching business. I tried to do too much and be everywhere. This is not a projector strategy. We are naturally magnetic but when we are stressed out trying to do too much, we aren’t as powerful. And we might get a brain tumour or something.

5. Don’t try and find your inner knowing in your mind.

The mind is amazing and a great ally once we are able to think constructively. Be discerning and think things all the way through. But ‘authority’ according to human design is not the mind for any of the energy types. My spleen is my authority for one. But I also have a defined heart centre, which means I have a lot of will power, and an undefined root centre, so I feel such pressure to get things done. What I did to overcome this on the weekend is I wrote out  all the things I  want to do right now and made a list for 2021 and 2022. Sometimes (often) I feel like my mind is trying to sidetrack me just as I am coming to the finishing line, as I am now with Dear Phil. the second book in my Love Queen memoir series.

 6. Go out and be in the world where your intuition guides you.

There is much to learn about intuition from Human Design and I will share more on this soon. The projector’s aura is saying “I am open for an invitation”. This has certainly been my experience and it’s so comforting to see that if this hasn’t been your experience, it is because you weren’t designed that way. Or maybe you don’t even care about that. The projector’s stressor is ‘feeling left out’. And this has also been my experience and that of other projectors I know.

 7.  Ask questions.

When I read this on the weekend, I thought “OH MY GOD!!” that is exactly it. A projector is probing and it is so easy for me to get carried away asking questions and become like an interviewer in conversation. Meanwhile, I am waiting for someone to reciprocate and won’t speak about myself unless I get that. That’s why I blog. I can share this stuff and you can choose whether to tune in or not. It has also been my way, my strategy, to ask someone a question. Like when I wanted to see if a guy was keen, I’d go and ask if he was English or something like that. When I was coming back to Perth, I’d just email my boss and ask if there was any work or I’d go into the school to say hi (step six) and they’d ask me if I wanted work.

8. Be Neutral.

Because what we resist persists. I read this on a Facebook post just recently and it made me remember that this is a big part of my manifesting process. It was this way with cancer and all the stuff going wrong last year. I tried the law of attraction, different diets and what not these last few years, but when I was like “Fuck it I don’t know I’m just going to go with the flow” things worked out. Same with meeting my boyfriend. I got to a point where I was like, I don’t actually mind if I don’t meet someone now. I’m actually really happy in my life. Then I met him.


That’s my experience anyway. How about you?!

Would you like to know more about human design? Have you done your chart? What are you?!

I love you,

Mireille xx

ps. I’m posting parts of my memoir and Bali photos @mireilleparker_xx on Insta.

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