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Washed-up life-coach, Mireille Parker, aged 37, is grounded at home in Perth, West Australia, the most isolated city in the world. She can’t date or travel, she can’t escape! For the first time in her life she just has to BE. HERE. NOW. Told with real journal entries, Love Queen : The Making of a Master is the true story of the transformative power of relationships and what we can learn along the way to create happiness and health in life and love.

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Sarah can’t escape herself, even overseas. Will she call hot Oliver? Who doesn’t even know she’s there! But who is this beautiful artist Bonnie? Set in Lucerne, Switzerland, and starring a travel agent from Perth, Australia, Wonderlust is a unique modern philosophical romance about creative women.

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Sarah can’t escape herself, even overseas. Will she call hot Oliver? Who doesn’t even know she’s there! But who is this beautiful artist Bonnie? Set in Lucerne, Switzerland, and starring a travel agent from Perth, Australia, Wonderlust is a unique modern philosophical romance about creative women.

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Human Design : Manifesting As A Projector

It is December 2019 and I have just published Wonderlust on Amazon. I decide to do a giveaway as I have seen people do on Instagram. Tag a friend! I say. My friends tag friends. So many friends. This is a great way to get more followers. I’ve seen how it works. My mind is happy. It loves having a project. I throw a lot of effort into the giveaway. I make videos about it. People win the giveaway. But NO ONE follows me.

Wait a minute. This is not how it works! I go down to the cafe and there I bump into a healer I know who has been at one of my workshops and I tell her how ridiculously unsuccessful my giveaway was. I ended up spending more money than it was worth. The people who won didn’t even message to say thank you. I don’t even know if they read the book.

Boo hoo.

“Do you know about human design?” Gabrielle says.

She helps me look mine up and we find out that I am a projector like her. Our purpose in life is success but our strategy is to wait for the invitation. If you look at my blog posts, you will see how often I write about achievement and success. Why? Because I am so capable but I don’t always achieve it and especially not when I follow the strategies that are supposed to work.

“A combination of Astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah and the Chakra system, human design shows you where and how to access your body’s consciousness as a decision-making tool, and ultimately, how to live as your true self. Human Design offers a map in the form of our Body Graph chart that indicates how you are unique as a person. That map can guide you in living in a manner that is in sync with who you truly are. When we live in alignment with our true nature, we begin to experience a level of comfort and acceptance for who we are, instead of chasing who we are not. We can then live a fulfilled and purposeful life. “

~ The Journal Life


What are The Four Energy Types in Human Design?

The Manifestor (9% of the population) is here to inform (their strategy) and is the one who can initiate. Their purpose in life is peace and when they are not informing  they get angry. Their aura is protective (closed and repelling).

The Projector (20%) is here to attain success and our strategy is to wait for the invitation. Our aura is focused and penetrating. When we are initiating, and not achieving success as a result (not following our strategy), we feel bitter.

The Generator (70%) is here for satisfaction They are energetic powerhouses and are here to respond. Their aura is open and enveloping. When they are initiating rather than responding, they feel frustrated.

The Reflector (1%) is here for surprise. They are here to sample and their strategy is to wait a lunar cycle before making a decision. Their aura is resistant and reflective and when they don’t follow their strategy, they get disappointed.


Actually I don’t know too much about reflectors but you can find out your design here and learn more. There is so much information out there on this and all you have to do is google.  Or read this Goop article on it here.

It goes so much more deeply than the four types. I spent five hours with my friend on Sunday, decoding our human design charts. If you don’t know your time of birth, ask your intuition and see what comes up. Or you can send me a message with your birth date and place of birth and I will let you know what my intuition says. I did this on Sunday for  my friends, family and some exes and looked at their charts. Intuition is also something that can be deciphered from your Human Design body graph and I will go more into this soon no doubt.


But What About Manifesting As A Projector Or Other Type? 

Manifestors are the kind who can sell whatever they want and it goes like hotcakes, apparently. Generators need to wait to be asked and respond. There is a fifth type ( manifesting generator) too that is often talked about. As I am a projector I will speak about manifesting as a projector and as I learn more about the other types I can share that too.

In late 2016 I had an epiphany. It was after the first brain surgery and radiation on my head. 1/3 of my hair had fallen out and I looked like Danny Devito on the right side under my pretty scarves. As I was decluttering, I came across the goals and plans I had for that year. They were laughable now. I realised then that I had been striving my whole life and I was done with it.

I put all my personal development books away because I wanted to look at my own life and see what worked for me. Lots of amazing stuff happened and especially when I was just being in the world, going with the flow and enjoying myself. When I followed the normal steps for manifesting, like pulling certain numbers out of my arse and deciding I was going to have a particular number of sign ups or a money value by a certain date, it often didn’t happen. But I still manifested money, jobs, travel, exciting opportunities, healing and wellness. Success too even.

Realising that when I was just happy and enjoying myself, good stuff happened, I started practising this and life started coming back together. Soon I discovered that this was actually the law of attraction and so I began to listen to the Abraham videos religiously and do the processes. I got a little too serious about it (a projector’s aura is penetrating and absorbing and the undefined root centre on my chart makes me obsessive). But now I realise that as a projector this is exactly how manifesting works.


Basic Law Of Attraction Is How I Manifest As A Projector.

1. Do what you love. Go deep into it. 

A projector naturally goes deeply into our passions and, as our aura is penetrating and absorbing, we love it.

2. Be Visible! Share your enjoyment with the world but not for specific results.

Yesterday listening to Amanda Frances’s podcast, I was reminded of this. She was talking about how, though she sets her money goals, she shares her free content and about her courses without the specific aim of getting a certain number of sign ups from it. She does it because she loves it. Likewise, when I was running my course and workshops, women came because of my enthusiasm for it and the only thing I would change is that I could have appreciated my own success more, rather than comparing myself to others who seemed to be more successful than me. We need to be visible so that people know what we are about and can invite us.

3. Take a lot of naps.

This is seriously the projectors self-care strategy. Projectors are so intense and get more done in a few hours than others might in 8. We are not supposed to work for more than short bursts and if we do consistently, we burn out or develop a serious illness by age 40. Hello breast cancer! I’m not saying it’s only because of this but I did develop it after a year of working in a hotel school, working 40 hours a week for the first time in my life and teaching more than full time hours. My other two friends who have or have had cancer are projectors too. Just an observation.

4. Don’t try and do too much.

A projector, like a manifestor and reflector is a non-energy type so we can’t keep up with the generators of the world, though we have been conditioned to. That was also my issue with the coaching business. I tried to do too much and be everywhere. This is not a projector strategy. We are naturally magnetic but when we are stressed out trying to do too much, we aren’t as powerful. And we might get a brain tumour or something.

5. Don’t try and find your inner knowing in your mind.

The mind is amazing and a great ally once we are able to think constructively. Be discerning and think things all the way through. But ‘authority’ according to human design is not the mind for any of the energy types. My spleen is my authority for one. But I also have a defined heart centre, which means I have a lot of will power, and an undefined root centre, so I feel such pressure to get things done. What I did to overcome this on the weekend is I wrote out  all the things I  want to do right now and made a list for 2021 and 2022. Sometimes (often) I feel like my mind is trying to sidetrack me just as I am coming to the finishing line, as I am now with Dear Phil. the second book in my Love Queen memoir series.

 6. Go out and be in the world where your intuition guides you.

There is much to learn about intuition from Human Design and I will share more on this soon. The projector’s aura is saying “I am open for an invitation”. This has certainly been my experience and it’s so comforting to see that if this hasn’t been your experience, it is because you weren’t designed that way. Or maybe you don’t even care about that. The projector’s stressor is ‘feeling left out’. And this has also been my experience and that of other projectors I know.

 7.  Ask questions.

When I read this on the weekend, I thought “OH MY GOD!!” that is exactly it. A projector is probing and it is so easy for me to get carried away asking questions and become like an interviewer in conversation. Meanwhile, I am waiting for someone to reciprocate and won’t speak about myself unless I get that. That’s why I blog. I can share this stuff and you can choose whether to tune in or not. It has also been my way, my strategy, to ask someone a question. Like when I wanted to see if a guy was keen, I’d go and ask if he was English or something like that. When I was coming back to Perth, I’d just email my boss and ask if there was any work or I’d go into the school to say hi (step six) and they’d ask me if I wanted work.

8. Be Neutral.

Because what we resist persists. I read this on a Facebook post just recently and it made me remember that this is a big part of my manifesting process. It was this way with cancer and all the stuff going wrong last year. I tried the law of attraction, different diets and what not these last few years, but when I was like “Fuck it I don’t know I’m just going to go with the flow” things worked out. Same with meeting my boyfriend. I got to a point where I was like, I don’t actually mind if I don’t meet someone now. I’m actually really happy in my life. Then I met him.


That’s my experience anyway. How about you?!

Would you like to know more about human design? Have you done your chart? What are you?!

I love you,

Mireille xx

ps. I’m posting my Projector life @mireilleparker_xx on Insta. Plus! My memoir Love Queen : The Making of a Master is out now. Alternative title : Memoirs of a Projector. I share lots of details on what’s been relevant in my chart and discovering how I function as a Projector in this world. I’ve been told that all Projectors should read it.

40 Responses

  1. Thanks for this! 2/4 Projector here! I have moved over 30 times in my life and have always been invited to the next place of living. Anytime I went out looking for a regular job it never worked although as an artist I’ve been asked to do many jobs successfully. Anytime I’ve tried so hard to be “normal” it sets me back and I do end up severely sick (usually tonsillitis or my back goes out). I’m just thankful for reading articles like this one and learning it’s all ok. Thank you! I had a good laugh relating to your enlightened perspective.

    1. Oh that’s inspiring to hear of your success too Moira! With your moving and your art. And that you now feel at peace with what works for you (and for us as projectors). Yes it has been a bit of a comedy of errors at times 🙂 I think my Dad and one of my best friends is a 2/4 .. the hermit & fun one is how I remember it. If I recall correctly. Thank you so much for commenting! I really appreciate hearing your story too and that you enjoyed my post but was away so I am replying now. Lots of love xx

  2. This described me to a T. It’s so nice I was able to find this on my path to healing and understanding myself.
    I appreciate you writing these words, it’s been very helpful. ❤️

    1. Oh yay! Thank you for saying so Sierra. I’m so happy you found it as comforting as I did finding these answers.

      To your healing and success! xx

  3. Thank you so much for this article. Especially on what works to manifest. As I’m just learning about myself and following my spiritual journey. I have noticed that when i just go with the flow of life these manifests or successes in luck seem to occur more for me. And yes feeling left out always stings. I have also been working on not focusing so harshly in that but discerning when I’m given the invitation.

    1. Oh my pleasure Lisa! Thank you so much for commenting too. Yes and I’m sure when you’re in the flow you’re feeling joyful and then your energy field is a powerful attractor, rather than when we’re harsh on ourselves or others (I’ve certainly been there too!). Wishing you so much fun and success on your journey and do let me know about any more of your discoveries. Love, Mireille xx

  4. Thank you for your blog I recently found out after joining a women’s counseling group that I am a projector specifically an energetic projector with a 4/6 profile. I have emotional authority and I’m learning to use, after years of being told to get my emotions under control. I went through a break up but the funny thing is just as you mentioned you found your boyfriend after you went with the flow and quit resisting the same happened for me. Of course other things outside of our relationship occurred deaths Covid and the outside stress was too much. I came to your blog because I initially googled projectors with an emotional authority dealing with break ups. I know without a doubt he was my person and my biggest struggle is patience and learning to go with the flow. Some days I accept and I feel amazing and I feel like I am flowing and then the other portion of the emotional wave comes through. Any tips with going with the flow and emotional waves with emotional authorities?

    1. Hi Shanette! Oh thank you so much for commenting. Yes actually I have read about emotional authority. Basically, you need to make decisions only when you’re in the middle of the wave, not at the peak or trough. You have to experience the full wave before making a big decision. Actually, I heard this on Align Your Design podcast. It’s episode two on Emotional Intelligence. I recommend listening to this. I also like the Align By Design Podcast but can’t see anything specifically about emotional authority as I’m looking now.

      That’s interesting that a google search of breakups and projectors led you to me! Must be my specialty 🙂 I always think that if it’s meant to be, it will. And sometimes we each need to go on more of a journey and learn more before we can come back together. Do you have a defined or undefined head? My friend who has undefined head and solar plexus authority finds it difficult to stick with one thought. Like “it’s meant to be like this”, “oh maybe it isn’t”. Undefined head is more flexible in thinking and defined can really hold thoughts. What if you gave yourself time each day to feel your emotions fully? Cry and all that. It’s good for you! I try to cry as much as I can. It doesn’t come easily because my head takes over.

      If you’d like my guide on how to feel emotions fully and come back to presence, you can get it here

      Otherwise and anyway, check out the podcasts I mentioned.

      Let me know if you have any more comments or questions.

      I hope this helped you!

      Mireille xx

  5. I recently found out that I’m a Mental Projector 6/2 and I’m trying to relearn how to manifest. I understand that a Projector’s strategy for success is to wait for Recognition + Invitation. I’ve tried to apply that to my life, but I seem to be doing something wrong or something is missing. You see, I was INVITED by a good friend/colleague to start a business and I am RECOGNIZED by my business partners and team for my invaluable contribution. I’m extremely passionate about this project and the people involved (it feels good and it feels right in my soul). But this business has been stuck in limbo due to external factors outside of my control (i.e administrative delays, COVID, etc.) and it’s been extremely frustrating and confusing as to why we haven’t been able to get out product out in the market yet. What should a Projector do if they’ve already received Recognition and the Invitation but still no tangible/intangible success?

    1. Hi April! Thanks for your question. Hmm that would be very frustrating! I would say if you look at the metaphysics to let go. Like, this is what I’d like to happen and my intention, but if it doesn’t happen I’m still okay. Frustration and confusion are mental. Though I don’t know much about being a mental projector. What can you do anyway to move the situation along that aligns with your passion? (heart). Also, feel where the emotion you’re feeing is in your body and say aloud, “I’m feeling X and it’s located in my body.(where?)..”. I go deeper into the process here ..

      The thing I’ve learned about being a Projector is that we need to express our passion and DO what we love anyway. What can you do to align your MIND (visualise the outcome you desire), HEART (gratitude for what you have already or have done) & BODY (being it already, taking action)? Do these three every day to use the law of vibration. I learned this from Aaron Doughty on YouTube. Check out his video ‘Six Steps To Completely Change Your Life in 2022’ and another on how to use the Law of Vibration. I feel you’ll find your answers there and be able to go deeper in the process.

      Do let me know how it goes and if you have any more questions.

      Lots of love,

      Mireille xx

  6. hi! I am a also a Mental Projector and I am in my wrong environment, without people/income, so there really is no flow to go with. Everything is a struggle and nothing takes off. This means I have to take tons of initiatives. Just saying that maybe April is in her wrong environment, or her partners are the wrong types, or they have negative beliefs that affect the project. It is never the economy or circumstances. Everything is a manifestation of our own consciousness and perception. Mental Projectors need to guide others. Their thoughts are very powerful and affect the collective consciousness in a big way, but they need to be around generators or nothing flows except the thoughts and ideas but not the manifestations. That is my experience anyway… We are extremely sensitive to the others, the environment, the weather, the cosmos… depending how solid/healthy your conditioning was, or not. Nice to know: an aligned projector, like Esther Hicks and me to a certain extent, can be excellent channels of higher wisdom. Leo diCaprio and Freddy Mercury are projectors too: good actors because we can hold any vibration, can take on accents, can be anything, no fixed identity. I have had 29 different jobs and have many yet that I want to experience! Writing a book currently on the Law of Attraction. I got myself stuck in this situation so it is the one thing I could do! My best friend’s name is Mireille.. that’s LoA for you 🙂

    1. Oh wow! I don’t know anything about mental projectors but sounds like you are full bottle. Yes many successful projectors out there : Obama, Castro, Marilyn Monroe, JFK.. I was watching some videos from Karen Parker Curry on YouTube last night. Really good!! I highly recommend. She has an hou-long one on Projectors. Perhaps she has more on what being a mental projector entails. Also, a prodast from Amy Elizabeth of Align By Design episode 182 I think, she talks about outgrowing your environment but still being in alignment. Thank you for all your information and I wish you the best with your journey and book on the law of attraction! Feel free to write again about all you’ve discovered and when it’s out xx

  7. Can you use your intuition to find my birth hour and minutes? My hospital doesn’t have that information and neither did my birth certificate. I was born June 9, 1966 in Fairbanks Alaska. I’m a mental projector but that’s all I know.

    1. Yes I do Julie with my friends all the time. My intuition is saying 6am for you. What’s yours saying?

  8. Dear Mireille, thank you for this post. It feels like you’ve been God sent to me 💐🙏🏻❤️

    I’ve tried different typology systems before to understand myself: Gallup, Operative psychodiagnostics, Somatotyping, MBTI, Numerology (different schools). But it was Human Design that filled in the gaps or question marks, which other systems could not answer.

    Thanks to what you shared I feel such a big sense of relief (a heavy stone came off my chest) that (as a fellow Projector) I don’t have to do the recognition seeking behaviors. Now I ask myself: How can I be in my power and share my gifts with the world in a way that would attract the invitations.

    Also I blamed myself for not putting myself out there in terms of going out and actively seeking for a life partner. I never felt comfortable with it. What you shared about Human Design was helpful. I can now release the blame and put my energy into loving myself, being in my power and enjoying life. And when my love is supposed to come, he will. The story of how your person came into your life was inspiring.

    You have a wonderful blog and it deserves all the love and recognition in the world 🌎🌟💐

    With love and support,

    1. Oh I’m so THRILLED to read this dear Kamila! I know it’s a common reaction for us Projectors to feel such a sense of relief when we learn about Human Design. Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. Yes be visible but it’s the intention behind it that’s important. Do what you love and share that with the world but don’t get hooked on following a certain strategy.. you are an awesome coach and light in the world! The more we love ourselves, the more magnetism we have. With so much love and a big hug, Mireille xxxx

  9. Thank you for this. I just found out I was a Projecter yesterday. Prior to this I thought I was a generator because of a mistake I made. Well it sent me off the deep end. I got so mad and bitter over It. I have never been so mad at the universe before. I did not wanna be a projector not sure I do right now. But I am trying to come to terms with it and so far even though I haven’t fully excepted it today because apart of me is trying I believe I am starting to learn something hopefully I will. This helps me moving towards my better reality TY!

    1. Oh you’re so welcome! It makes me happy to hear my post provided some consolation. If you send an email to, I’ll send you more notes I’ve made since then on how to be a Projector and have success. Otherwise, I highly recommend The Projector Movement, Jenna Zoe and Karen Curry Parker. They are all on Insta, Podcasts & YouTube. Jenna Zoe has an awesome app. Because it’s not only about our type but the different definitions in our chart. Like there are motors too : the Root, Heart and/or Solar Plexus (plus Sacral but not for Projectors). I have Will defied but this is only supposed to work in bursts, like projects.

      Then there’s the theme of your life, like the 2/4 or 3/6 etc. What’s your authority also? And the magnetic monopole (G-Centre), which is our magnet for attraction. Whatever gate/s is/are defined off this is your superpower (Karen Curry Parker has an excellent YouTube video on this).Plus, the arrows on your chart show whether you’re a specific or non-specific manifestor. I’m non-specific. However, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, get Jenna Zoe’s My HD app. It simplifies it and puts all your chart info in one place.

      Basically, for being a Projector: have fun, be visible sharing your gifts (like I do with blogging and podcasting), create space in your day to be present, set boundaries for your time, REST, do less & recognise yourself as the talented, deep, focused, smart, creative, joyful, lovely being that you are. But yes, apply what I wrote in this post and send me an email if you like and I’ll give you the summary of what I’ve learned. Let me know how you go.

  10. heyy!i am energy type projector and i am trying to know more abt my design that will help me find my passion and knowing myself but i am little confused,,,my inner authority is emotional solar plexus,,also i had a Question that will law of assumption/attraction and me manifesting something specific wouldnt work for me?i mean there have been times it has and time it hasnt so i am confused that i shouldnt try the diff methods?

  11. Hiya! Yes, law of attraction will work whether you are specific or non-specific. Non-specific would be like if you said ‘ It’d be great if that happens but if it doesn’t no worries.’ That’s not creating resistance for law of attraction to work effectively. When I get super focused on what I want and when, it doesn’t work out usually for me. So law of attraction, being easy about it while working toward something, does. What are you passionate about? What do you love? What did you used to love as a kid? If you’re looking for your passions, you could start there. Also, have a look at some of the resources I gave in my last response. You’ll work it out as you learn more about Human Design xx

  12. Hi Mireille,

    I’m a projector with a splenic authority. I’m having a very hard time finding a job. I’ve realized that almost everytime Ive gotten a very fulfilling job its come to me on its own. A few weeks ago I had an offer that just landed in my lap. It was the perfect job but it was so difficult getting the contract signed and onboarded. Eventually I let go. I’m starting to get very anxious as my financial situation is quickly deteriorating. I know people say to apply for jobs but the reality is I’ve applied to 800 places and have not received a reply. Also this method has never worked for me. How do I attract the right job ( quickly) while also making sure when it comes that things go easy?

    1. Hi Nadia! What’s worked for me in the past is to physically go around to places, connecting to people you already know if possible. Since you’re splenic too, you obviously have to check in with your intuition. Often I’d just go to say hi at a place I’d worked and they’d offer me a job. Or I’d get the idea to catch up with someone and when I told them what kind of job I was looking for, they’d offer me the job! Try to get into alignment by doing daily things you love, dress up and take action by thinking outside the box. There’s a lot of alignment in action. But yes, 800 applications sounds awful! Clearly, your fulfilling job will come to you in one of these other ways. Good luck and let me know how it goes or if you need anything else. Lots of love, Mireille xx

    2. Also, if you’re stressed about finances, take a job you don’t mind while waiting for the one to show up.

  13. Hi Mireille,

    I just find your blog while looking for more information about projectors. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and being open about what worked for you /not. I am a Splenic 5/1 Projector. Since I discover that, lots of things in the past made more sense to me. I was kinda aware on certain things but I didn’t know what was it. I always said to my family and friends that “ I’m not designed to work 9-5; I have so much passion , I want to do something I love” , or all of a sudden mid November 2021 I decided to do meditation and work myself & do more inner work. Lots of points in my life and finally I learnt about human design and it brings me to your beautiful story. I also understand& feel
    you on IG story give away. Similar story I had.
    I hope everything is good ; I will keeP reading your blogs.

    1. Hi Buki! Oh thank you so much for your message and appreciation for my blog. I am so happy to hear that it helped you and also that you have found your way too after doing a lot of inner work and meditation. If you’d like to keep reading my blogs, you can always join my museletter community. I send them the post every week. The link is here : or just join anywhere you see to on my website. Also my memoir, Love Queen : The Making of a Master, I just released is where I go into more of my challenges as a Projector and realisations about Human Design. It’s not intentionally that story but I couldn’t help but add it in. It’s on Amazon and hopefully elsewhere soon. Otherwise, I’m just glad to connect here and meet another splenic projector. 5/1 from what I know, really loves to do research/go deeply into what you’re interested in. Is that true for you? Lots of love xx

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Ysab! I’m so happy you connected with us & our experiences too xx

  14. Reading this article & all of the comments, I got a pain in my throat, I want to cry. Especially about the splenic authority… WHENEVER I would let go, things would just get better. “Let go”, “Let it go” are my reminders. I always had problem with manifestation, it felt pressuring. I don’t have money to do stuff & give into stuff that fulfill me but you know what? I have a safe house, nobody tells me to leave, I have food etc. I cannot find a job though so I can make some things happen. Ok, money does not just flow from a job but aren’t we conditioned in this way? No, what I do for a living is live. Anyway, as I was living alone in another country, I was looking so hard for jobs but then babysitting appeared without the limitations or stresses of the other jobs I was looking for. After the one job, a few more got offered to me & they were all perfect!!! They.Were.Perfect. From the moment I left though, nothing worked, I was trying so hard. Then the pandemic came and I did not have to force, I was just taking time off for myself & so many things happened internally. So yeah, right now I’m at a dead-end, even if I really need money to keep on doing the things that fulfill me, it just doesn’t… I don’t know anymore… I will apply for some remote content moderator jobs & whatever will be will be.

    1. Hi Mel! Thank you for your comment. It makes me so happy that my blog post and all the comments have provided comfort for you too. I’m glad also that you have a safe & secure place to live and can enjoy your current abundance while more is flowing to you. Yes, what works for me is to take action towards what I want in a loose way while enjoying my current reality and appreciating how much I already have. Wholeness is the goal. Being happy anyway. And as you wrote, letting go. I’d say you’re in a period of transition right now. Take time to meditate daily, play, have fun, enjoy nature if you can, learn about what interests you and make space internally and externally for Life to deliver its blessings. Lots of love, Mireille xx

  15. Thank you!! I feel so seen!!! I am a 5/1 projector, and I get so excited about projects and when I realize how much work it is I balk. I am so very capable of it, I just kind of have to live it not thinking about it!

    1. Oh yay I’m so thrilled to hear you feel seen Jacs!! I guess being a 5/1 you love to research. I’ve been finding lately that when I do the things I need to do first, my passion (writing my books), or fitness, I have less energy to plan and scheme and my mind/ego doesn’t try to push me. So yes, the living it and seeing what you have time for afterwards.. maybe just a nap.. sounds like a remedy! To your success, Mi xx

  16. Thank you for this! I am a projector too and I went back to Human Design tonight because I felt out of alignment. This really resonates 100 % with me and I am laughing out loud cause this is so me (for example when you wrote about how you can become an interviewer in conversations…haha! I am naturally curious and love asking questions which has made people also realize things of themselves they haven’t done in 15 years of therapy. Makes my heart smile, but also have to be careful – I am not overvaluing others, I am just curious… :)) . Thank you for sharing. Really needed to hear this tonight.

    Keep up the amazing work, or no; the amazing being in the world kind of thing.

    With love,

    1. Thank you for your comment Ida! Oh it makes my heart happy to know that you resonate and needed it tonight. We all need the reminder sometimes. And yes.. “overvaluing” others. I know what you mean. I’ve certainly fallen into that too. Especially in dating 🙂 Our curiosity is a beautiful thing. Cheers to being amazing. Lots of love, Mireille xx

  17. The last line REALLY resonated with me! So much so I’ve been sharing with everyone I know lol but basically, I learned back in October that as soon as I “let go” or “go with the flow” or say out loud, “I’m actually really happy in my life” that is EXACTLY when I get what I was wanting/manifesting. Not as easy as it sounds though, because I have to really feel/believe it in my body, mind, and soul. I appreciate this read as I’m just reading up on my chart! Also, side note, thanks for the heads up on breast cancer! That runs high in my family. I’m 28 now and keeping an eye on it where I can so I will keep in mind not to pile drive the stress on myself!

    1. Oh wow thank you so much Chelsea for sharing with everyone you know! I totally agree with you that you have to actually really feel happy with your life or accepting of your current circumstance and find a way to enjoy this too, after processing the emotion around it. Yay to manifesting! That’s awesome that you’re aware yes of the stress in relation to breast cancer. There are lots of factors. Sunlight or Vitamin D for one. Going slowly as a Projector too. I’m wishing you the best of health and if you have any more questions about that, do let me know. Lots of love, Mireille xx

  18. … wow, Mireille, what a fabulous post and such beautiful comments and replies, thanks for that.

    I read every single line and I also felt like ‘I don’t want to be a Projector’, I’ve always been a doer – and it worked when I was working for others, I managed to grow their SMEs and had success.

    Now I’m out on my own and I’ve spent soooooo much time doing all the wrong things – until now, as I will now take my profile much more seriously (only learned about HD a few months ago!).

    Having said that, I’m working on my confidence to trust that I can simply enjoy myself and life and let go. I TRUST this is the key, as so many people who commented also confirmed.

    Thanks to all of you, let’s keep shining in our unique Projector ways.

    1. Hi Sylvia! You’re welcome and thank you too for your lovely comment. One thing I’ve learned since too is that a Projector does need to be visible in order to receive invitations. So having a presence on social media is invaluable. I also used to have a coaching business for two years and marketed myself online. I used YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and blogging. That way people knew about my workshops. What I’d do differently is not get frustrated when things aren’t happening for me as quickly as others I see and stop comparing myself. I did have successful workshops and courses in person and online. I’d also not work myself that much. I’d choose which way was most successful and fun and do that.

      Even last year I had a podcast, blogged and used Instagram and Facebook. But it was because I found it fun and wanted to try the podcasting. I’m a 3/6 profile so I learn through trial and error. This year I decided just to do Instagram (which posts automatically to Facebook) and my weekly Museletters. I felt I was making too much work for myself and now feel a lot freer. Even though the others were also fun for me. But I do these things without attachment to an outcome.

      After publishing my memoir Love Queen : The Making of a Master in December, the marketing professional at the publishing company gave me templates of an email to send to media outlets and associations or universities I’ve been at. I did do it, but I wasn’t disappointed when only one took up my offer. I am excited about it. Another opportunity came from one of my dance teachers, who runs a local radio show podcast. Last year when she asked us what we were excited about in class, I told about publishing my book and so all the class knew about it. Plus I made myself t-shits for my book and wear them around. A surprising opportunity came after I made a post about going back to ballet after 28 years in February. Some documentary students saw this and emailed me to ask if they could make me the subject of their documentary. After they heard my whole story, they wanted to make it about more than just my ballet return and so Love Queen and my writing journey and health issues also feature. It’s being screened in May and then they will enter it into festivals.

      My point is, you can still be a doer in being visible. But don’t compare your results to others or get stuck in strategy. Enjoy it! Some surprises await.

      I really recommend @projectormovement on Instagram. It’s where I read about the being visible recently and was reminded that I am. Charlie Magginess (behind The Projector Movemment) also says going slowly works best. So I’m not concerned if Love Queen doesn’t have immediate success. It will add up over time. When waiting, we can also study up on what we are passionate about and become an expert in our chosen field. And yes let’s celebrate all our successes.

      I hope this helps you and all the Projectors who will read it!

      Lots of love,

      Mireille xx

  19. … great, Mireille, and thanks for taking the time to reply with so much insight.

    I love this in particular:

    –> “My point is, you can still be a doer in being visible. But don’t compare your results to others or get stuck in strategy. Enjoy it! Some surprises await.”

    So thank you!


    As for your IG recommendation, is it really this account? There’s only one post on it!?

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