10 Days of Blogging 5x a Week : Realisations on Refinement

Oh God I really have nothing to say today.

What I have learnt so far from this month long blogging commitment is that I do not want to be a full-time blogger.

It would be fine if this was the main thing that you’re doing.

But for me, I started to crave the privacy of working on a book again.

So I started working on The Power.

When I finish working on that every morning (since Wednesday), I really don’t have much left to say.

That’s okay.

It’s better to have quality than quantity.

isn’t it?

I mean, I really enjoyed writing the posts when I wasn’t also working on the book.

Though I did start craving the depth of writing a book.

It’s fun!

You start and you don’t know what it will become.

I love writing so much that’s the thing.

Every time I try something else, I come back to working on my books.

Like I thought podcasting would be fun.

The first time I started listening to podcasts, I would think about how much I’d like to do it.

Then I did it.

It was fun, but not that much.

“Words don’t teach, experience does.” 

~ Abraham

Likewise, I always had this yearning to do art.

Then I started making some and posting it at Locomotive Creations.

That was also fun.

But I need the intellectual stimulation of writing.

That’s what I discovered.

It’s all about refining.

Refining tastes.

Refining life.

I don’t regret those things I’ve tried.

A guy I dated last year used to ask people what they most regret in life.

He said I was the only person who ever answered with something they had done rather than not.

Most people regret what they didn’t do, in other words.

Whereas I try and then work out, nah not for me!

You’re allowed to quit.

I know I could have not written anything today but I do like the process of seeing what happens.

A month isn’t a long time.

And since it’s not a huge commitment and I’ve already written this today now, I might as well try again on Monday.

Today I arrived at the idea to use these posts in The Power.

So it ain’t for nothing.

And if you’re reading this I thank you.

It’s for you too.


I love you,

Mireille xx

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