Sad Songs Are The Best!

“Do you guys take it in turns to play what you want?”

“No, we’re in synch.”

“Sad songs are the best songs!”

“Yeah happiness is a waste of time! Or at least singing about it is. Are there any happy blues songs?”

(Continued banter while I take out my travel journal to note this)

“Well, you guys have changed my mind! Thank you.”

“No problem. That’ll be $180.”

~ Conversation heard in the cafe.

Today I was working on the next book I’m going to publish, a memoir, and it was so cold in the house that I went to my favourite cafe to edit. I’m so fortunate that I caught this conversation. Rupert, the black dog who is a regular, accompanies his  owner and hangs out for treats and pats. Today, I tried to take a selfie with him but Rupert was having none of it, jumping up on me, climbing aboard, and standing on my bag. I settled for licks (dog kisses) but took my leave when he started barking.

I was reading over what I’d written about India in 2003 for the memoir and started to look at the group emails I’d saved from then and the replies from my friends and parents. I could publish a book just of these emails. They are pure delight, hilarious, honest, insightful, funny, warm and crazy.. what I strive for in writing.

Lately I have been thinking about my brand and what it is about. I downloaded a free guide on this from Ashlina Kaposta. And I have been reading about blogging. Most of it is tailored to ‘solving a problem’. I don’t want to solve problems. I want to write stories. Now that I have put out what I know and do, I feel able to. Again. I have been in this interesting space with one foot in the personal development world and one in literature. My books, especially the ones coming, are a combination of the two and I have been trying to see how that could be here on the blog. This here is one experiment.

I used to write a blog called Wonderlust and I would like to recapture some of its essence and write the way I did then. It was cute. So about that branding? What three adjectives would I like associated with my brand? Creative. Real. Fun. What is my mission statement? To live deeply and share my love of language and stories of travel, transformation and relationships, imparting what I know as I go.

How about that?

With so much love,

Mireille xx

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