Why Shit Happens.. Even When You’re A Manifesting Ninja!

I’m feeling really excited because I’ve finally finished Loving! It’s a transformational guide about loving yourself, loving your life and manifesting. I wanted to include all I would include if I ran a course again. I first learnt about the power of the mind and energy to manifest when I was 24. But actually I started doing it much younger, from age eight, when I started dancing.

Too tired to practise, I’d lie in bed and rehearse the steps in my head. Then when I went to do it, I’d be able to as if I had been physically practising. Then when I was 12 I won the cross-country. I hadn’t been so great at athletics till the year before. Dancing 13 hours a week made me super fit. But there was one other girl who was better than me at the cross country. I prayed and visualised winning, just like with dancing (aka imagining), and I did.

When I started my coaching business in 2014, I’d teach manifesting through my course, workshops and private coaching. But after the breast cancer metastasised, I got shy about it. I felt like I’d failed, when really it was just that Life had more to teach me.

During that period I had off, I learned about the art of simplicity and organisation and implemented it. This is a key aspect of manifesting too because when we’re stressed, we’re not in alignment. I was using ‘the power of joy’ then to build my life back up, but better than before. Soon, I learned that this was the law of attraction and I spent a few years studying and practising this.

Why does shit happen (even when you’re consciously creating)? Because the purpose of life is to awaken into consciousness and everything happens for a reason. Sometimes you are not ready for what you want so you get the letting in process. There is usually a silver lining. Feel your emotions and process. But then, know that everything happens for you and not to you. Our souls need to go on a journey to fulfil our life’s purpose.

Why am I so passionate about manifesting? Because, like you, I’ve had some huge challenges in life to overcome, like cancer, and because I have a low tolerance for living a life I don’t love. And being a person I don’t love. And being around people who aren’t good for me. I majored in psychology at uni and have been interested in the mind since before then. Plus, I hate to see other people suffering and would like to share what I know and what I do.

I’ve included my 11-step formula for manifesting in MAGNETISE and 4-step process for manifesting on the go. But first there is work to do to get to that. It’s 55 pages and available for immediate download. I’m feeling very happy and proud of this guide. It’s a transformational journey.

With so much love,

Mireille xx


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