Storytelling, Life Purpose & Open Throat Centre : New Motivations for 2022

The year is 2014, I’m 35 and in the Divine Living Coaching Academy. It’s a wonderful but intense course with 200 amazing women from around the world. As part of the course we are encouraged to celebrate each other’s wins and post them in our Facebook group.  I really am happy for others’ success but at the same time I’m wondering why it’s so easy for some and not for me.

One thing I wish I knew then is about the nine year cycles, according to The Life You Were Born To Live by Dan Mac Millman.

If I’d known about that then, I would have known that I was in year two of the nine year cycle and those seeds planted then may really only come to fruition around year five.

Perhaps those who were further along the path had planted their seeds years earlier.

And so on.

There are many factors that influence our success.

But comparing myself kept me out of alignment, as I was not truly happy with where I was at.

And feeling shit about myself.

Not always, but sometimes.

Of course, not being “happy” with where we are is a great motivator too and I’m not talking about that.

What I mean is the subtle comparing that we may not even be aware of.

Instead of being happy where we are while working towards the future, celebrating our wins along the way. 

But now I’m in YEAR ONE of the cycle!

And I feel fresh AF.

I don’t know, maybe it is the energy of 2022, but I really feel such a difference.

How about you?

You calculate your birth number by adding it up so, for me, 03+01+1+9+7+9= 30 =3+0=3

My birth number is 3 and so I was born in the third year of my cycle.

According to the book, my life purpose is emotional expression. 

Meanwhile, my boy friend’s number is 1 so he was born in the first year.

And since he’s two years older, it’s also a YEAR ONE for him now.

See how it works?

You can also google the meaning of your birth number.

And for 2022.. 03+01+2+2+2+2 = 10 = 1+0 = 1

So that’s why I know I’m in the first year again.


I feel such a surge in energy and confidence to share my stories. 

Here, on Instagram, in a podcast, on YouTube and in my books.

There are a few realisations I had that led me here.

One was learning about having an undefined throat chakra in human design.

At first I thought this meant I was not meant to speak and didn’t have energy there.

But late last year I learnt from The Definitive Book of Human Design that having an open throat actually means,

“The healthiest approach for open Throats is to stop trying to control what they say; they are designed to speak spontaneously and to enjoy the different voices or forms of expression that comes through them.”

This gave me confidence to explore all the ways I feel to express myself and not have to think so much about doing it perfectly.

When I write my books I am most artistic and can express things that I can’t when publishing immediately.

Though I wrote the post about being artistic and how it is my favourite state, what I learned from the grunge videos too is that they were not artistic 24/7.

And I also enjoy writing this here and telling stories verbally.

After having the big brain surgery in 2016, I put all my personal development books away because there were too many voices in my head pulling me in different directions.

I wanted to hear the voice within.

But I love stories and no matter what I’m listening to, I realised last year, I’m listening for the personal story most of all.

Perhaps you are the same too?

People have been telling stories since even before we learned to speak.

And no matter what we are doing, whether marketing, posting photos or gathering with friends, we are telling stories.

Don’t you think?

My friend Alana found my life purpose in a birthday book some years ago as Narrator.

I didn’t take it as gospel but these are the clues that led me here is what I’m saying.

Another time I met up with an Indian influencer who’d just moved to Perth,

“You have a lot of stories!” she said.

And then there was a night I organised out to Apple Daily for dinner last year.

I actually proposed all these events and sometimes a lot would sign up and then finally only a few would be there.

Often those nights ended up so perfect.

Like this one.

There was just Jase, boy Sam, Emma and Leah.

Sam was good at ensuring each of us got to talk.

And at one point after I’d spoken about what I was working on, Leah said I’m good at telling stories.

“Well I have a lot of stories,” I said, brushing it off.

Later I thought that my reaction was very telling.

Why not just own it?

I am a good story teller!

Those with open throats when in alignment “understand they do not have to ‘do’ anything to attract attention. Though they feel the pressure to speak when they are with others, they are relaxed and comfortable with their natural state of silence. They know if they wait, the invitation and proper timing to participate will present itself.”

In the past I definitely tried to attract attention and I’m not saying it’ll never happen again but I’m more conscious of this now.

And more relaxed about it all.

Yesterday I was watching dating coach Shallon Lester on YouTube (she’s funny) and she was talking about how some people say to her they want to be “an influencer” and her first question is “What’s your product?”

My stories are my product.  

And lately I have realised that they are enough.

They are something.

Stories are not only entertaining but also powerful teachers.

That’s why I made a conscious decision some time back to write my blog like this.

Receiving so much advice can be overwhelming.

So that’s why I’ve been telling my stories more instead.

At New Years a few friends said their resolutions were to prioritise themselves.

And that I inspired them in this area.

That made me so happy to hear!

And gave me even more confidence to express myself as I feel to.

Since it is also having a positive effect.

Even though it has felt self-indulgent at times.

A year or so ago I had a dream where I was told to believe I’m helping when I write my posts.

And my friend Emma told me at new year’s I am generous writing these musings and sharing what I learn.

Which is another reason I gained confidence and started seeing myself, not as annoying people and everyone doing me a favour by reading them, but as a gift in itself.


Geez, what a journey.

I hope you have enjoyed it too!


Mi xx

p.s. Thank you again so much for your messages, comments, shares, likes and loves along the way. You have encouraged me greatly, as I hope I do for you too in sharing what I learn!

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