The Beauty of Surrender : how to stop CONTROLLING and start FLOWING


There are two types of people in this world as far as I can see…

Those who see the deeper meaning in everything (and evolve).

Those who see the deeper meaning in nothing (and either don’t wonder why or don’t wonder at all).

Which do you lean towards?

Imagine if you saw the deeper meaning in everything.

(and when I say ‘everything’ you know I mean the important things… the questions you have… seeing the deeper meaning in everything would make you go insane)

Seeing the deeper meaning in life and decoding its messages is how I am able to surrender and trust.

The journey.

This has been a really big few weeks for me – with 3 workshops and one extremely short and beautiful ‘relationship’ – and I have had many many lessons in surrendering.

There are the things my head thinks I desire.

Then there are those things that my soul and spirit know I require.

**By the way, that relationship was beautiful because I chose to see it as such.

I actually know what I need to learn when it comes to love and I see it unfolding with so much grace and beauty.


At another time I would have suffered more.

But not now.

This is the power of faith.

This is the beauty of surrender.

Oh it sounds so lovely when I write about it like this!

Somedays it is not so beautiful.

Sometimes it feels sad.

Or like a knot in my stomach.

Somedays I have to lean in on what I know to do to get back into alignment.

I am writing about this today because this has come up a lot in the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine workshops.

Women would like to know how to get out of their heads and how to stop trying to control everything… and be happy.

Because trying to control makes us feel anxious and it means we are creating more problems.

But to release control does not mean throwing yourself into the deep end in the whirlpool of life.

And drowning.

Releasing control does not mean simply trusting that things will be ok.

Because you know, you can train your mind to think that.


But no, releasing control means putting your trust in something else.

Releasing control means putting your faith in a power greater than you.

If you can do that you may see that when you feel like you are drowning, you’re actually on the way to being saved.



That’s where faith in something greater comes in… because there’s usually a space between the wondering and the knowing when you have to trust that ‘you will understand‘.

This is what I experienced this week.

There was something that I really desired and felt sure was going to happen.


Because I wanted it.

And it would be perfect if it did happen!

And life would be awesome.

Then it didn’t happen.


Perhaps because I have two desires that are in conflict.

Or because I deserve better.

Or because there are lessons for my soul to learn.

So what I did after I’d wallowed a bit in the feeling was that I surrendered my plans, hopes, wishes and desires to a power greater than myself.

If nothing ever happened except that I lay on this beach under my sarong, I would be okay.

I read, I prayed, I meditated.

I fed my faith in the magic of life.

And I felt really grounded in my body.

Really present.

The next day at The Feminine Presence workshop I led the women to do the same practice in the opening meditation and they loved it.

And something magical started happening.

Something I hadn’t expected at all.

Something I had desired before Christmas started happening effortlessly.

(I had even used a technique for manifesting that I teach in the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine group program)


Divine Timing!

Yes it happened when I stopped wanting it.

When I surrendered.

When I released control.

Life moved through me.



Hand over your plans.

Ask source energy to move through you.

May spirit guide you.

Be present.

And may you be used for the greater good of all of humanity.

That’s what I desire for me and that’s what I desire for you.

Tune in and feel this connection.

You are pure love.

And knowing this, feeling this, nothing can hurt you.

Emotions move through you.

You are so beautiful and powerful.

If you are feeling this right now I know you are feeling it deep.

To the core of your spirit.

The message is always the same.

You are LOVE.


May you always feel it.


From my wild heart to yours,

Mireille xxx

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