Your Life Purpose

Friend, once again, at the risk of seeming like a complete dork, I shall share with you my truth. Oh yayyy! I’m feeling so excited to have finally found my life purpose and will share with you how you can find yours too. Last week especially I was really asking for this, affirming/praying in the form of “Thank you that I am living my life purpose!” as I went on my beauty walk. The next day I felt extremely on purpose but then on Tuesday evening I felt really down, wondering when it was going to happen and why it hadn’t happened yet.

Interestingly, as part of my life purpose I can swing between mania or confidence (I can do anything!)  and self-doubt or overwhelm (Why did I think I could do this?). Don’t I know it.  But because of feeling that insecurity on Tuesday, I  decided to do a 21-day daily meditation challenge. I’ve been a bit slack in that arena lately. Well, already that started me feeling so clear and joyful again on Wednesday and then on Friday morning as I was standing at the sink, thinking about a problem, I received the idea (the thought popped in my head) to go check this particular website, which led me to a book I have on Kindle, The Life You Were Born To Live. Actually, it wasn’t the first time that little voice had mentioned it lately but this time I listened.

Wow. This was a revelation! It is a calculation based on your date of birth and though it may sound far fetched, I tested the calculator against at least ten relationships, including with family and friends, and found it very accurate. So then I went to look at the book and found that as a 30/3 my life purpose is self-expression through emotional sensitivity and intuition, helping others to feel their emotions and experience the full expression of their humanity. 

“At the summit, the emotional connection 3s can feel to life and to others generates a rising energy that, once expressed, can uplift everyone around them, revelling in emotions the way dolphins revel in the sea. At the highest levels, 3s serve as an open channel of loving energy, moving others to joy and inspiration, becoming a force of light in the world.”

Couldn’t agree more! Lol. But because life purpose doesn’t come easily, the obstacles we face help us to deal with the issues associated with our paths. So it was that I came to writing as a way of expressing my emotions when I didn’t know how to as a child, teen and young adult. 3s make the best orators but also the best manic-depressives. I know the effect of blocking my emotions too and have been on a journey of expressing them in constructive ways. In fact, each time I have gone to the psych, post breast cancer metastasis, it has been with the intention to feel my emotions more. As a teacher or coach I was very in tune with how my students or clients were feeling, but had to learn to pull back also, to better serve them and myself.

There is a lot more in the book and in my books but you can start off with the calculator and find out yours. I’d love to know what your numbers are too. Try the calculator with your relationships and let me know how you go in the comments if any of it resonates. What have you got to lose?


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Thank you!

Lots of love,

Mireille xx

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Magical Tales from Oprah

Mireille Parker Oprah Winfrey

Hello beautiful!

How are you?

What a magical week!

I went to see Oprah at the Perth Arena with 12, 000 other women!

She was amazing! Hilarious. Empowering. Real.

The power and conviction with which she spoke was what stood out most to me. Plus she talked for 2 hours without taking a sip of water. Incredible!

I really felt like perhaps Perth had changed the next day.

Imagine what happens when 12, 000 women feel that their life means something!

You know though, I hadn’t planned on going to see Oprah.

Well, that’s not entirely true.

I’d actually been planning on being on the Oprah show from when I was 24 till about a year an a half ago.

I’d been envisioning my interview with Oprah since I first learnt about manifesting.

Oprah interviewing me!

I didn’t know what for exactly but vaguely..

The novel.

Even three years before I started writing it.

Being on Oprah meant that my life was interesting.

Can you relate?

So interesting that someone (Oprah! Hello?) would interview me about it.

Yes, just like Oprah and just like you I’m sure, I’ve always suspected that I was born to do something great.

The whisper.

I saw myself on the Oprah show talking about my novel, which later came to be called Wonderlust (**not everyone who wonders is lost**).

What I only realised this week is that the novel got me my free ticket to see Oprah!

Want to know how?

This tale starts on Friday when I had a **disagreement** with someone.

It started with her making fun of people who talked of manifesting and then said,

“You don’t believe in that, do you?”

“I run courses and workshops on it,” I replied.

“Wow, I’ve just lost so much respect for you!” She said.

I smiled through tight lips but the truth was that I really didn’t care. I knew this anyway. She was the number one person who I avoided talking about my workshops with.

Say the right thing to the wrong person and you feel like the fool.

So I shut up.

Anyway, it ended with me saying I had the right to believe my life is magical and her storming out when I said, “So I’m supposed to think like you?”

It didn’t even bother me really.

She had a narrow view of people who believed in manifesting as being out-of-touch “hippies!”

But I know plenty of people who are business savvy, socially conscious, politically involved and use the power of the mind and emotions to consciously create their life, see the deeper meaning in the negatives and develop from them.

Whatever works for you I say.

A few hours later my friend messaged and asked if I wanted a free ticket to see Oprah on Monday.

Case closed! My life is magical!

Now, when I talk about life being magical, I’m not saying my life is perfect.

Magical adventures aren’t always wonderful. Just think of Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz or any other fairy tales.

You go through the dark forests and meet the wicked witches and stoned out caterpillars. You have to!

But if you keep open to the magic you will see it.

You can choose to believe everything is a miracle. Or that nothing is.

What if everything was a sign?

What if you were always being guided?

What would your life be saying to you?

This is something Oprah spoke about.

Your life is always speaking to you.

Everything is pushing you to be more of yourself.

Nothing is a mistake.

Make your mistakes worthwhile though!

Let each one lift you up and into a greater knowledge of who you are and what you will and will not accept.

A magical life to me is one where we see the deeper meaning and get the lessons.

The quicker we can do this, the more magical it becomes.

So why did I find my Oprah experience magical?

Because I was amazingly excited about it!

I don’t know why I didn’t think to get tickets except that it was meant to turn out this way.

I even created the space for it.

Two of the women from my Monday night Healthy + Powerfully Feminine course were going so we’d changed our last session to Tuesday.

So when my friend asked me it was an immediate “Yes!”

Why did she ask me though?

My friend said that her husband had asked her who she was going to take, and without hesitation she said,

“Mireille of course! She wants to be Oprah!”

Why did she think I want to be Oprah?

(I mean, besides the obvious)

Later I remembered that she’d actually been reading my manuscript and it opens with the main character home alone on a Saturday night watching the e-special on the life of Oprah.

As the credits rolled, admiration for Oprah’s life turned to desperation for her own.

“If I don’t get up and take action, I might stay watching entertainment television and picking at my toenails forever,” she wrote.

So she ran to the computer and got on the superhighway, emerging from an ocean of advice, ready to become someone.

What if everything means something?

Oprah talked about the thread that runs through our lives and this was the perfect example of it.

Recently I had a tarot reading and was told I should get onto publishing my book.

What if everything means something?

Sitting in the row in front of me was a group of teenage girls who are part of a mentoring program that I have been meaning to sign up to help. Oprah got them to stand up.

What if everything means something?

“The thread starts young”, Oprah said. “Your job is to figure out what makes you feel most like yourself and offer that in service.”

Your life means something and you were meant to do what you love and be great.

Step into your greatness.

You are the master of your fate.

You are the captain of your soul.

Everything is pushing your to be more of yourself.
Nothing is a mistake.

Wishing you magical adventures this week!

From my wild heart to yours,

Mireille xxx

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