The Bahnhof

Thursday 6th November

Das Erwachen = The Awakening

 I have been hanging around so many cafés that I am beginning to feel like a Parisian writer from the 1930s. I have been writing my way through my existential crisis (I looked it up). A favourite spot is the bistro on the third floor of the train station, which makes me feel like I actually am in Paris. Outside its doors, passengers smoke and read large newspapers and inside there are booths and dim lighting. It is a fine place for dwelling on existentialism and post-modernism and other concepts I have not thought about since 2002. 

While I am engaged intellectually, some people have nothing else to do than sit outside the Bahnhof drinking supermarket-brand beer. I see them in the line at the supermarket, purchasing a single can, sometimes with polony and white bread. This is how they spend their days and at my lowest, I envy their camaraderie. They hang around the metal seats, laughing and talking with one another, and bumming cigarettes from whoever passes by. I am one of those who pass by, walking quickly and with my head down. 



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Wishing you well wild heart..

Lots of love,

Mireille xx



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