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OMG I just finished another big project.. and I just wanted to write this to you to say.


When students set goals in class and I’d ask them if they were going to do it, and they’d say, “I’ll try”, I’d reply,

“Don’t try! Commit!” 

Because that’s what it takes. Commitment. Focus. Prioritising.

Sacrifice too.

These past four months I’ve been on a very strict diet for cancer wellness, called the NORI Protocol. 

It involved eating mostly only fruit and veg for ten days out of every two week cycle. All I can say is, thank God for potatoes. For four days I could then have vegan protein, like grains, legumes and nuts.

It involved not drinking alcohol.

Haven’t actually missed it but it involved doing my life differently.

It involved being really organised as I had all these different supplements to take on different days.

At the same time I was teaching the bridging course and publishing and marketing Wonderlust.

So it involved sacrificing something. That thing was my social life.

If you want to achieve something in the new year and you’d like some advice, I’d say make a commitment for 30 days. That’s it.

Thirty days is totally doable!

It’s not forever.

As for me, I’m going to take a break now over Xmas and New Years and celebrate the year that was.

I’m going somewhere fun and I”ll be posting about it no doubt on Instagram.

Yes and I did make that video about my
manifestation by waiting for the invitation experiment : watch it here!
I had half a numb face while I did it!

I guess I’ll be sharing more about this journey in the new year.

(2020! How fun!)

So for now, wishing you merry xmas and a happy, healthy and wealthy new year my dear wild heart..

Lots of love,

Mireille xx

p.s. And do remember to get your copy of  Wonderlust! Let me know if you have..

Wonderlust, set in 2007, is about a travel agent from Perth who goes to Switzerland on a cultural adventure, believing in perfection but finding life in the imperfection. It’s about writing and the switch from consumer to creator, body obsession, a Russian artist, an Irish body-builder, a Swiss design draftsman and reality TV.

It’s a coming-of-age story of an Australian woman, aged 26, and was inspired by Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer. Cafes. Walking. Talking. Loneliness. And of course.. Lust.

  Read the sample here:  Wonderlust on Amazon.

The paperback & digital are available from here or check in the country-specific sites:

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