The Creative Life : From Bollywood To Book Writing!

I’m feeling so excited right now, so lit up, because my interview with Polly Alexandre on The Feminine Millionaire Show is now out! It was such a fun, interesting and joyful experience and I feel you will love it too. It’s actually given me A LOT more confidence.

Polly and I, as we share in the interview, actually met 8.5 years ago in LA when we were training to become coaches. Polly has gone on to have huge success helping people around the world to clear their money blocks and manifest abundance! A creative herself, she ran a top wedding photography business for many years while living between London and Ibiza, before she became a transformational coach and healer. 

We met up again that year in Paris and in Miami, spending a day talking by the pool and eating sushi at The Mandarin Oriental and then, a year later, in Ubud, Bali. I’m happy to say that, we’ve still got it! That spark. I’ve listened back to the interview and it really is AWESOME. Polly is an amazing interviewer and asks excellent questions. I really learned so much from the way she conducted it all.

Plus, she’s the only one who has read Love Queen so far!

On my episode of The Feminine Millionaire Show we’re talking about…

  • Whether we can manifest anything or if our synchronicities and life paths are due to destiny.
  • All the synchronicities that led me to becoming a writer.
  • My writing process : Do I do it organically or plan? What is my routine?
  • How to write a book in ten weeks!
  • Tips for accessing the subconscious mind and be in a flow state for creative endeavours.


Everyone is creative and we all express it in different ways. So, whether you have a book in you you’d like to get out or another creative desire, there will be something for you in this episode. And it’s also just really fun and transformative to listen to interesting conversation!

You can listen to The Creative Life : From Bollywood To Book Writing


Enjoy it and do leave Polly a review if you loved it too!

With so much love,

Mireille xx

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