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Well well well.. here we are again. I’m sitting at Geisha cafe sipping a lemon grass and ginger tea with half my face numb while I write to you.

The lazy Tuesday 3pm traffic is streaming by and the sun is out but not beating down for once.

I just had a tooth out for the first time! And yet I come here to write to you because I enjoy it. No one writes back. But still I enjoy it.

I’ve had some revelations of late about goal achievement as a projector.

The thing about being a projector in the human design system is that often I forget.

But this is normal.

Projectors’ strategy for success is to wait for the invitation.

Why do we forget? Because this is not the strategy for success for 80% of the world.

So that’s why I sometimes go down the wrong path (with such enthusiasm too!). Then things don’t work out as planned, then I remember I’m a projector again.

The deconditioning takes time!

So in honour of this, I’m going to be sharing my journey learning to wait for the invitation. Here, on my blog and on YouTube too. I’ll let you know.

Devon Martin says that the subtle art of waiting is not about doing nothing but about doing what you love and mastering your craft in the meantime.

Human Design makes sense to me because four years ago, after the brain surgery, when my life fell apart, combusted, I came to the same conclusion.

I’d been striving my whole life and I was done with striving.

I was just going to be here now.

That’s what I did and I blogged about it at the time.

Now I have been feeling something I really enjoy is blogging  and vlogging and so I plan to start doing this more regularly.

Like this.

I feel to also share about the NORI protocol – the intensive diet I’ve been doing for cancer healing.

I’m excited to blog old school style about what I’m doing and learning right now!

Stay tuned!!

Wishing you well wild heart..

Lots of love,

Mireille xx

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