The hardest decision I’ve ever made…


A month ago I made a life-changing decision that was 2 years in the making.

You’ve heard that the worst place to be in is the indecision, right?

And that when you make a decision, everything starts lining up to help you – right?

Well, I’m sure you also know that sometimes it can be really hard to make a decision when either way you will be losing and gaining big time and one of the ways may be what you know and the other is stepping out into the unknown.

And you get a feeling what the right way to go is.

But it’s too big a decision to rush into.

So you keep waiting. And considering.

That was me for a long time.

And in between I had a lot of fun – travelling the world, becoming a coach, learning loads and going on some really amazing train journeys (my own brand of fun).

I also made some really big decisions  in those two years – to quit my full-time job, to become a coach, to not have chemo, to not freeze my eggs, to have radiation and go on Tamoxifen, to postpone radiation to go to L.A. for a coaching event and to not receive treatment that would put me into temporary menopause.

These might seem easy decisions from the way I’m writing them (especially the last one), but they were decisions that went against the statistics I was being shown and required that I dig deep into finding out what was best for me, what I could live with and what I believed in.

Perhaps you too have faced the statistic printout. Perhaps you know what it means to dig into your truth.

But the day came a month ago when I really had to make the decision.

The decision was whether to move back to Perth to live.

Because no matter how beautiful it was in Switzerland, no matter how amazing the photos looked on Instagram, no matter how much self-development work I was doing, no matter how many great holidays we went on, no matter how much I loved the Swiss trains, no matter how comfortable our life together was and no matter if friends and family came for a visit… I missed my home.




The Process

I knew I needed to make a decision that sat right in my soul. And I was constantly asking,

“Is this my soul talking or is it my tendency for escapism?”

I prayed for guidance and journalled my eyes out.

I eliminated all other options to ensure there wouldn’t be regret.

Then finally came the moment when I was offered what I, at one point, thought I could handle,

Live in Switzerland, have kids and go back to Perth twice a year to visit.

But never to live again.

My chest froze and my heart sank into my spine as I lay in bed.

My body was speaking. My intuition. The inner wisdom.

The decision was made then. I knew I couldn’t commit to that.




It was a relief.

We both felt it. Though incredibly sad.

But a decision had finally been made.

And then, yes, things did start to line up. I felt supported.

In the end, it was the option I hated least.  And now that I’m home it feels really right.

Such significant decisions involve a lot of trust. Trust that the universe and/or God has your back. Trust that things will work out for you. Trust that something even better is coming your way because you listened and you had the courage to follow your truth.

It also means planning and taking action on what you can. Ask ‘How am I going to make this work? What can I do? What’s the most pleasurable way for me to do this?’

And lastly, see yourself as strong and powerful AND feminine. You are a magnetic being, be open to receiving support, listen for the signs and remember that you are a magnificent creature full of wonderful feelings. Feel them. This is your power.


Are you listening to your intuition?

There have been times when I overrode that inner voice and I paid for it majorly with my happiness and my health.

It takes strength to follow your truth. The intuitive, soul-aligned way is not necessarily the easy route.

It takes tools and techniques to keep your mind strong and not swayed by what is being said around you. You know, the things that ‘society’ thinks about how we all should live and the things that people say.

And even more so, the things that your mind throws at you. The voice of fear. The voice that keeps you running in circles. The voice that keeps you out of clarity.

You need the tools, techniques, support and guidance to override that one.

In creating your life, you’re going to have to make some big decisions and follow through with them.

Don’t be cheap with yourself. Invest in people to help you. A coach will support you through the change and keep you on track with practices and tools to stop you from melting, caving or throwing the towel in.

Are you ready to cast off the old ways of thinking and behaving and create a life you can be happy in as a healthy and powerfully feminine woman?

If you’re interested in 1 : 1 transformational life coaching, click here to apply for a free discovery session to speak with me and find out more.

5 Responses

    1. Thank you Karen! Wow. You’re most welcome 🙂

      And ha! Nice to meet a fellow journal-lover. Such a joy to write ourselves into meaning and to dig deeper and deeper on the page.

      Lots of love to you xxx

  1. First, welcome home!

    You are so inspiring, strong and have so much courage to do what you did, follow your intuition and find your place of meaning.

    Loved ready this blog, very inspiring.


    1. Thank you Jodee! It truly is great to be home. I feel so settled already.

      And thank you for your encouragement and recognition. I am happy if this inspires others to follow their intuition and their truth too.

      Lots of love to you xxx

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