The Joy of Being + The Art of Intuition!

This morning I woke up really fucking happy. As I shared last week on my Living Deeply Stories podcast, I have been on a consumption detox the past ten days. Meaning that I haven’t watched any TV or YouTube besides one show on Christmas Markets around the world. Such a nana!

Last night I felt a bit frazzled because I put a chair to sell on Market Place and was inundated with replies. I had had such a fun day. I went to the beach in the morning for a walk and swim after my meditation and  journal routine. I came home to do a few jobs and then went for lunch to catch up with my friend Lis.

I’d wanted to set up my Instagram posts for the week but, while waiting for replies on my Market Place messages, made a whole IG story on Festival X with Nina Kraviz and Calvin Harris. That was fun. But then I got distracted while still waiting and I noticed that when I was not paying attention to waiting for messages, so many were coming in. That’s how the law of attraction works, after all.


Tuning Out To Tune In

So by 8pm I was pooped and I decided to just go to bed. I was going to read but found my heart kept replaying Calvin Harris’s set and feeling the excitement of the night again. I switched the light off and decided to just allow my mind to wander. Sometimes it went to challenges I’m facing and I felt those emotions till they released. Then it would go over my day, reviewing the good times.

How often do we let ourselves do this?!

It felt so great and reminded me of when I’d go to The Royal Show as a kid. At night I’d relive the whole day and felt like I was still on the rides. I have this experience too after scuba diving or even swimming in the ocean. The turquoise sea in my eyes or the otherworldly underwater landscapes.


On Intuition

Since tuning out the world, I’ve been spending time tuning into intuition even more, dialoguing with my Inner Being, either in my journal or as I go about the day. I take a moment to pause and ask the voice within. For me it feels like it comes from my heart or thereabouts.

A few weeks ago when I was going to Groove Armada in King’s Park, I was spraying on this new natural insect repellant when the nozzle flew off. I looked for it everywhere, all over the living room, but couldn’t find it. Then a week ago, the day after starting the consumption detox, I was vacuuming and again looking for the nozzle everywhere. I’d checked behind the cushions and under the couches. I was on the third step on my way upstairs, almost given up, when I remembered to ask Inner Being.

“It’s down there!” It said, indicating the corner of the couch.

I leaned down off the stairs and put my hand right down and kept going till it reached the very bottom corner and felt plastic.

Of course, there was the nozzle!


And what of joy?

Joy is a sensation we feel when we put attention on the body. 

I explained how to practise this in meditation on this episode of Living Deeply Stories.

But you don’t even need to meditate to experience the joy of being.

Love Queen : The Making of a Master begins like this :


I have decided to stop striving. I’ve been striving since I was 24. Since I first learned about the power of the mind. And look at me now. What a joke. I’ve got no job, no income, no career, an expiring passport, no money to pay for a new one, two-thirds of my hair gone, I look like a strange alien, I’m in an induced menopause, no babies, I’ve got to stay here for my monthly shot, I can’t date, I can’t travel, I can’t escape! I am totally and utterly grounded. How pathetic. What to do when every decision has been a mistake. And I tried so hard. That’s the worst thing. NO not the worst. Worse is that I already had what I wanted when I started striving. I only had to see it and appreciate it. I just want to crawl back into my old life. But I can’t. It’s too late. I just have to be here now.

The whole point of my memoir is how I got to this place and how I got out of it and back to joy. But rather than telling you only, I’m showing you also. That’s why I’ve used my journal for half of it.


Giving & Receiving 

I received a message this week from an old friend who said she’d read the sample on Amazon and loved it so she bought the Kindle version. Then it was 1.30am and she couldn’t tear herself away from it. At 2.30am I received another message from her.

“Oh I’m in it!” She said.

Yes, I tried to include as many people as I could. It’s a love letter to those who have been with me along the way. 

If you’re not in it, it’s probably because it didn’t fit the story I was telling. But I’m sure if you’re reading this, you have been with me along the way too and I thank you.

My friend is buying the book for another friend, who would also relate to my homesickness and relationship issues (because it’s about my marriage too and what I learned that would have improved it).

The links to both digital and paperback versions for the different Amazon sites are here. If you don’t find your region amongst these links, just go to your region and search for ‘Love Queen Mireille Parker’.

And if you’ve already read it, if you’ve torn through it like several readers have, please remember to leave Love Queen a review! Either on AmazonGoodreads or my Facebook page. Or all! Just a line or two is wonderful and if you’d like to write more, amazing! You can post the same review in any of those places. Reviews help exponentially. And if you can’t do that and in any case, just tell everyone about it. Word-of-mouth is still the best marketing tool. Thank you so much!!

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