The Joy Of Being!

Here I am.

Yesterday I finished the Love Queen manuscript draft (for the tenth time perhaps) and handed it in to the editor.


I’m feeling excited, liberated and also in need of a good break.

It’s been four and a half months that I’ve been working on writing every weekday.

I just feel like sleeping.

Wandering, journaling.

Going with the flow.

On the weekend I went to a lunch I’d organised, with six of my friends.

One of our best friends Carla and her family are back in town for a week.

The lunch started at 1pm and for three of us it finished at 12.30am.

We talked, laughed, ate delicious fresh food and drank glasses of Blanc de Blanc, talked more and cried some.

It was the best!

Things I’ve learned about being a Projector is that we need to lie down for half an hour before sleeping.

I feel this.

So I’ve been listening to the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial to put me to sleep.

That night, I only had five and a half hours and then I woke to prepare for the day.

My Godson’s and Dad’s birthday were both on Sunday.

So I made them cards and wrapped their presents.

One was eight and the other seventy-seven.

Then I left for the lunch at Conor’s parents’.

Nicki and her kids were there too and the Godfather Scott.

It was again a really great time chatting to Conor, his sister, Nicki, Scott, Carla and the mums.

We drank Mumm champagne, ate delicious creamy camembert and blue vein with crackers, mini quiches, samosas, sausages in buns with tomato sauce and then later lasagne and chicken cutlets.

It was amazing.

When it was time to open the presents, I told Carla I didn’t want to see James’s face when he opens mine.

I always send clothes to Sydney and she says he loves them but who knows.

The Fairy Clothes Mother is what I am.

Clothes are what I know.

“To my dearest fashion-forward, very cool, sweet Godson James..” my card began.

Carla ignored my wish and sat down at the table right in front of me and everyone gathered round.

First, he opened his parents’ presents of an Eagles guernsey and a snorkel set.

They had just visited The Great Barrier Reef.

Next, he opened my present

I used my intuition to select this black and white large checked shirt in very soft flannel.

But I wasn’t sure he’d like it.

When James unwrapped it, he held it up and all the children exclaimed.


“It’s so soft!” Charlotte cried, stroking the sleeve as James held it up with a big smile on his face.

I couldn’t believe it.

Intuition was right again!

Then we had this incredible Great Barrier Reef caramel cake with blue icing that Carla had made.

Charlotte, Nicki’s six-year-old daughter, sat on my lap as we ate it.

We took photos.

The kids played musical chairs, statues, pass the parcel and basketball.

They swam in the pool.

We said how great to be able to in mid autumn.

I admired the bush view over Jandakot and the lovely garden and hillside homes of Leeming.

At 4.30pm I left and drove down South Street to my parents.

I was so exhausted but it was fun driving with my Gratitude Playlist on.

My Dad loved the charcoal jumper I’d got him and especially the card.

He always says I should go into the card making business.

I like to fill the whole card with meaningful words.

After I tried to take a nap upstairs, it was time for drinks with our long-time family friends Sandra & Frank and Uncle Kippy & Aunty Liza.

Then we had pizza.

On Monday it was a public holiday here and all I could do was lay in bed.

This is the life of a Projector.

I needed to restore my energy and I’m still working on it.

It reminded me of how much I love an activity I call “Slothing”, which involves foraging for food in the house and not doing the dishes or anything for a day.

Three years ago I used to do this weekly.

Now I was reminded of it and saw its importance for my Projector self.

Last week I recorded an episode of The Living Deeply Stories podcast on meditation.

How Do I Meditate? : Do One Minute With Me! 

If you want to be more intuitive, meditate.

If you’d like to feel joy, meditate.

To change your brain structure, meditate.

To transform parts of your personality and behaviour that you don’t know how to, meditate.

It’s not enough to do it once though.

You have to practise it daily.

Students and loves have told me they like to hear my voice.

It’s calming to the nervous system.

On Monday night I received a notification that my podcast has now had 100 downloads.

That was quick!

It made me feel excited in my chest and brought a smile to my cheeks.

I went to sleep happy.


For photos of the weekend, check out my official Instagram page (lol).




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