The Magic and Meaning of Your Life


Do you ever stop to be grateful for how much you do?

How much you manage?

How much you’ve been through?

If you did you’d probably shake your head in wonder and shed some tears with thanks.

Being an adult can be quite a job, especially when the curve balls are thrown at us.

This is also our opportunity to know our own strength. To bring it. To rise above.

Last Thursday I had such a moment, feeling like what I’m going through this week is a lot to take.

Even for a champion like me 🙂

I know my strength.

Just this past year I went to radiation alone every day for 5 weeks & made difficult decisions on my health journey.

I also left the security of a full-time job to become a coach and start my own business. It’s not all calm seas, believe me, and it takes courage and persistence too.

But most significantly, I stayed out of being a victim and feeling sorry for myself (not always a small achievement).

My mind is strong & I know how to train it.

But last Thursday it felt like a lot to take.



There’s a lot is going on right now.

A lot.

I had a check up at the hospital that morning and my mind started to get a little overcrowded with worry thoughts – which I am not ok with, especially when it comes to my health.

And then I was reminded that I am not alone.

It started on Wednesday night. I was packing up my books and I came across one called The Map, a book I’d bought a year or more ago but hadn’t really got into.

I picked it up and flicked through it quickly, my attention landing on the word ‘Synchronicity’.

Synchronicity is one of the greatest joys in life. And yes, it does feel like magic.

I wanted to see what Colette Barron-Reid had to say about it, so I left the book open at that page and continued with my packing.

The next morning I woke up nervous. Scar tissue feels just like lumps. I tried to take deep breaths and reassure myself and I packed ‘Love & Healing in my bag.

But with a few minutes to spare before I left, I got the feeling I wanted to read The Map and this is what I read,

Synchronicity, a term coined by Carl Jung, refers to a meaningful coincidence. If you pay attention to these events, you can see how they’re magical moments of protection and clarity.


I had texted my mum in Australia to tell her I was having the check up that morning and that I was nervous. Just at the moment I was leaving I received her reply text,

“Don’t worry,” she said, “I pray for you every day.”

That set new tears rolling down my cheeks. Someone actually prays for me every day! I felt so freaking lucky.



I left for the bus stop and as I got there, plugged the headphones into my iPhone and put them in my ears. I had intended to choose an upbeat song that made me feel like that champion that I am  (i.e. Katy Perry’s Roar), but like magic a song came on without me even opening up the music icon.

It was Jay Z’s Mamma Loves You.

It might have meant nothing to everyone else in the world but to me it was…

A meaningful coincidence.

Of protection and clarity.

A significant reminder that I am not alone.

There is something greater than who we feel we are supporting us.

It’s sometimes a lot to take.

The bittersweetness of life.

But we are protected.

And we can tune into the magic of life by staying open and asking for signs.

Staying open and curious.

Eyes wide. Heart wider.

And never forget the truth of who you are.

A Divine being.

Doing your best.

Making the most of your life.

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