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“What I’ve learnt in life is that if he doesn’t call by Wednesday, he’s just not that into you. In the past, such a non-event would have steam-rolled my confidence. I realise that, where once I was waiting to have a good time, now I am doing it for myself. I relish these moments of confession where it is just me and a blank page. I am a road-tripper in a convertible Cadillac with a long strip of straight road ahead of me and the sun reflecting out of the mirrors and beaming down on my face. 

When I had thought of Tommy the sexy snowboarder it was like I was in that Craig David song, where he goes through all the days of the week, dating on Monday, making love on Thursday and chilling on Sunday. But now it occurred to me that he was only a mirage, a product of my imagination, and that thought is life changing.”

-Wonderlust, by Mireille Parker   (moi!)

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21st November 2019

So many thoughts going round and round my head. Resentments & resolutions. Sorrows & solutions. But when I sit down here with my long black & my notebook, I feel like I’m in Italy. I love to people watch at Garden City too. Just had a massage. Between scans. If the scans are clear, it’s down to the diet cos I really haven’t been doing much more than normal meditating. Haven’t even been exercising cos I’m finding the teaching wears me out. Running round. Rushing. Yesterday I went to the photocopier 4 times to find it wouldn’t print because it wasn’t “the right paper size”. Later it printed all out.

Overload of info. It has been like that. Today I did Edward’s healing vid for the first time & loved it. I did it yesterday & fell asleep before the healing part. Also did his New Beginnings. I love Aaron’s Reality Transurfing meditation too. 21 days. But during moon phase I just wanted to rest. Now I feel good again.

Coffee. Everything’s better with coffee. Before I was a bit angry. Now peaceful. The masseuse really got into my back & gluten  Amazing. So yes just being here with my book open. This makes me feel happy & whole. Thank you!! Edward. Aaron. What a wonderful world. Mamma. UWA. The end is nigh for my English teaching career. In that format anyway. I love. I love. Shannah. Ness. Jee. Park hangs. Friendship.


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