The one question that will change your life


There are few greater joys in life for me than feeling alive with ideas and sparkling with creativity energy.

And I don’t restrict this to purely artistic pursuits.

When I come up with a delicious meal from an innovative combination of ingredients I have on hand and flavours I wouldn’t normally combine, it makes me feel like someone should invite me to do a TED talk or offer me a job in the design department of Apple. Yes, that good!

And so it has been lately on a Saturday morning that the clouds have parted and all the solutions I’ve been asking for during the week have suddenly flooded in in a way that makes me feel motivated to build an ark. Or take a very big nap afterwards.

It’s made me realise that there’s a way of responding to life that is just like being an artist. It involves a creative process and it also involves trusting this process.

But if we haven’t learned to access this creative faculty or we are only using it in certain areas of our lives, we are cutting ourselves off from a truly magical and fantastic adventure.



Even people who are artists often don’t use this practice in other areas of their lives because of a need to be ‘realistic’ and because of beliefs that have been hammered in as they go through life – like when it comes to money.

They’ve already decided what people will and won’t buy and how much they’ll pay.

So it’s decided then. End of story.

Are you being the starving artist in any areas of your life?

Have you already decided it won’t work, you’re too old, you don’t have the money, no one will help you and you don’t have the time anyway?

Are you caught up in a struggle cycle in any way?

Imagine that instead of knowing why it can’t and won’t happen and asking why it’s not already happening, you would ask a better question that would give you a portal to the larger universe and open yourself up to receive miracles, inspiration and solutions from unexpected sources.

Seriously! I’m not being woo woo.

It’s a tried and tested method and it’s a way of connecting to your feminine power.

It’s the question I asked myself before ‘finding’ the money to go to L.A. and Paris for coaching events, to pay my health bills in Switzerland and pay my rent and expenses – all while not actually working at the time.

Would you be interested in that question?

When you ask yourself this question, over and over, you will push through the fuzz and the haze, and allow inspiration and unexpected assistance and resources to come in.



But what if you’re already limiting yourself?

Often we limit ourselves without even realising it and that’s why coaching is so effective in releasing these blocks.

We get stuck in loops of repetitive thinking – maybe even worry – and don’t know how to break free of it. We think we can think our way out of it because we’re so used to being logical and rational.

Or we think we should be sensible and we often make do with what we don’t really desire – be it the career, the relationship or the body.

But that ain’t being miraculous or powerfully feminine.

Think of an area of your life you desire to transform right now and complete this statement :

‘I don’t know how I’m going to…’

Can you see how a statement like this is already denying yourself access to the solution? You’ve reached a dead end. You’ve already decided that you don’t know how to.

You’ve got to turn that dead-end statement into a question and approach it from a place of curiosity and wonder.

So you ask :

How is ‘it’ going to happen? or How can ‘it’ happen?

You ask :

How can I love exercising?

How can I do work that I’m really passionate about and be paid well?

How am I going to receive the money for that holiday?

How am I going to apply what I learned in that workshop to my own programs?

And so on.

Then you wait. You journal. You go for a bike ride. You tidy up. You work. You go catch up with a friend.

And then you ask again.

And you keep asking, playing, working and coming back to it.

At first it may feel fuzzy, like you’ve turned on the TV in the middle of the night back in the 80s when there was only static and snow on a black screen.

But you keep asking and asking until you push through and at the most unexpected moment, inspiration and resources come gushing in. The money shows up. The path is clear.

Then you act on it.

This is a way of relating to life that is magical and creative.

You’ve become a channel for the Divine to flow through you and to you.

You’ve pushed through the earth’s gravitational field and entered the realm of infinite possibility.

But in order to do this you have to believe it truly, have removed the blocks to you receiving and be in an expansive state, trusting that good things are coming to you.

Not constricting the flow with your worry but opening yourself up to receiving.

Not ignoring it because thinking about it is too hard and makes you worry

And not simply ‘being positive’ (because thinking about it seriously feels like a drag).

That’s the creative process :






When you are in this creative process with your life, you are connected to your feminine essence and you are receiving – the ultimate place of feminine power and something I love teaching my clients. Your mind, body and spirit are open and aligned.  You are expansive, energized and life flows.

You’ve got to bring focus and attention to it and then let go.

This is why my best ideas come in on a Saturday.

Because letting go is a key step.

When you relax, you give your subconscious mind time to work on it. You get to refill your energetic cup and be the Anais Nin or Frieda Khalo of your world, tasting all of life and allowing the space for the creative force to come in.

♥ Over to you my loves… I’d love to know in the comments below : what areas of your life require more flow and what is your experience of life as a creative process? ♥

Your insights could be just the thing that someone needs to have it all click magnificently into place!

And if you would love a Discovery Session to see what working with me would be like, click here and let’s connect.

Lots and lots of love to you,

Mireille xxx

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