The only diet I’m going on this year…


Hello my love!

It’s that time again… a fresh start with a new year!

What I’ve been thinking about lately and what the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine Group Program is based around, is this missing link in manifesting your desires.

This missing link is what I apply when I step away from the computer after doing the work and give in to the siren call of the beach.

Do you know what it is?





Your energy!


Change your energy, change your life.

What happens so often when we get to this time of year is that we set our intentions, we know what we want, we want it so bad in fact that we write out our affirmation and repeat repeat repeat.

Then… nothing?

Have you ever experienced that?

What happened?

Fear. Desperation. Frustration.

(emotions that are of the lowest vibration)

If you really desire to create transformation, you have to start with JOY, GRATITUDE + LOVE.

Afternoons at the beach that turn into electric pink sunsets and star-filled evenings swimming out to the pontoon with friends. (That’s me!)

Solid blocks of time just enJOYing life.

Did you know that the emotion of JOY is the highest vibration?

So when we enjoy we are cultivating JOY within.

Easier said than done I know when we feel we have a million and one things to do before we can grab a quick half an hour to enjoy ourselves.

Are you getting enough JOY in your life?

The JOY diet is the only one I’m going on this year. Will you join me?

Here are 5 ways to be a High Vibe JOYFUL Healthy + Powerfully Feminine Queen…

1. Gratitude

Be grateful for every damn thing. Seriously. An attitude of gratitude will change your life because it changes the way you perceive life.

Start with a list of 5 daily. I like to write ‘I love…’ and fill paragraphs and pages with my love.

Do it in the morning to set the tone for your day or at night for tuning your subconscious mind to the frequency of love.

2. See the World through a Lens of Beauty.

This means that everything shitty thing that goes wrong, believe that it’s meant to happen and ask ‘what’s perfect about this situation?’

Step back. Zoom out. Be the observer.

See the beauty in people. Your teachers. All of them.

Focus on the beautiful things in life and this will grow.


3. Surround yourself with People who a) Get it or b) are Fun!

The people you surround yourself with is a major influence on your energy. This is why the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine group program is so effective (;

Do you ever get the feeling you have outgrown someone who used to be close to you but guilt keeps you tied to them?

See who you feel energized by and who you feel drained by.

When you spend more time with people who are grateful, positive, fun, on the journey, evolving, learning, growing, seeking and/or see the deeper meaning to life, your energy automatically shifts.

Complaining and gossiping is low vibe. Then there are those who think they are being clever ‘realists’ (whose version of reality I ask!) and these people are not always so fun.

I love this photo of me so much because it shows exactly this.


It was taken on the day after I had decided to totally cut ties with someone who was a major drain on my energy – constantly in crisis but believing he was just being a realist. Not wanting to change. And frequently being rude to me. I looked so different that day! Like life had been breathed back into me.

Energy doesn’t lie!

But I am super grateful for that experience and for that person coming into my life – he allowed me too really feel the effect on my energy and to share this with you.

4. Simplify

Declutter your home, your kitchen cupboards and fridge, your email inbox, your wallet, your car, your underwear drawer, your files….

Create systems. Make lists that you have on hand for things you do all the time. And for your kids.

That way, you won’t drain your energy carrying around these lists in your head.

This also means space for your desires to come in.

5. Adventures, always.

Are you having enough adventures?

Isn’t that the greatest thing about being young and what makes you feel old?

Not enough new experiences. Too many responsibilities!

Take the day off and devote it to adventures.

One of my lovely clients is going sky-diving this week! Another has recently joined a band! And these are both women 50 and over.

Adventure is an attitude.

It’s doing things for the sole purpose (or soul purpose) that it feels good.


Backflipping off the pontoon.

Bathing in Flowers.

(no I will not stop talking about that in 2016!)

Having a coffee or a tea and watching the world go by.

And releasing the guilt you have around just being and not getting everything done!

(If you would like to know how to do this, I invite you to book a complimentary discovery session with me.)

There are many more ways to cultivate good vibes in 2016 (and beyond)…


Eating High Vibe Food! Drinking High Vibe Drinks!


Nourishing yourself by what you read, listen to and watch.

And feeling your feelings… because being high vibe does not mean being happy all the time. You have to feel your feelings in order to release and move through them.

By feeling your feelings you can also more easily release any of the habits that are holding you back. Because those habits are just a distraction from feeling something anyway.

When you feel your feelings, you can release the annoying habits with ease.

If you would like to learn how to do this, come to either…

The Feminine Presence workshop in Fremantle next Saturday. It’s $35 for a beautiful afternoon, tuning into your body and intuition and learning how to receive more to be your naturally magnetic self.

The Body Love + Radiance workshop in South Perth on Thurs 21st Jan at 7.30pm. It’s $25 and you will learn to recognize what you are hungry for and how to provide it, silence your inner critic and work with your inner rebel so that you can eat with pleasure and be your naturally radiant self.

And if you are elsewhere in the world, I am always there to support you in any way if you feel that this is your time to release those blocks that are keeping you from being the woman you came here to be.

Click here to book your complimentary discovery session today.


Wishing you a beautiful magical high vibing week!

From my wild heart to yours…

With so much love,

Mireille xxx

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