The power of authenticity



Something happens when I am not living authentically. I have a violent reaction. My body revolts. It projectile vomits all over my mind and my soul too becomes a great big spewed-upon mess.

Or something like that.

And yep, I certainly did learn this the hard way.

Over and over.

Because it’s not always easy being authentic.

It can spring up in subtle ways. We make decisions thinking ‘it doesn’t really matter’ when deep down it does. Maybe we don’t even realize for a while.

There are other people’s feelings to consider.

There are also people to make happy.

And people who are relying on you!

But ultimately, I’ve found, living inauthentically is just not sustainable.

Things start to crack like icebergs and your heart… as deep as an ocean… drowns.



The bigger the deal, the bigger the effect it has on the body. There’s weight gain and tumours and cancer and intolerances, back problems, auto-immune disease, anxiety and depression… not saying that this is the only reason illness occurs, but it can be. Haven’t you ever experienced how getting sick was exactly what you needed?

But before that there’s the feeling that something is off. A feeling of dis-ease.

I remember specifically the anxious squirmy feeling in my gut that was telling me not to take a particular job, but my head was saying, ‘this could be the best you can hope for… the money’s okay… you’ll have financial security… and prestige.’

My rational mind convinced me to take the job and I went against my intuition.

What followed was a year of inner turmoil, not doing what I truly wanted to do, which was something more creative, at least on a part-time basis. And I cried and complained and eventually disease did manifest in my body.

That was the last time I’d knowingly override my body’s wisdom.

“We all have negative feelings but not all negativity produces disease. To create disease, negative emotions have to be dominant, and what accelerates the process is knowing the negative thought to be toxic but giving it permission to thrive in your consciousness anyway.”

˜Carolyn Myss, PhD

Being inauthentic can make us pretty angry, right?

It feels unfair.

When really we have a choice. There’s always a choice.

IMG_4862Next time you have a decision to make, even if it’s what to eat for breakfast, check in with your body. Does it feel right? Go ahead, ask.

Ask your body, that gorgeous creature, that wise animal. She knows alright.

And when you cultivate a beautiful relationship with her, you know how to hear her. You trust her. You’re tuned in to her and can translate her feelings into language. Or at least have some idea.


That’s being healthy and powerfully feminine.

Check in if your actions and decisions are ‘in alignment’ with this wise self that knows. Do the choices you are making feel right in your body? When they don’t, energy is being drained and we’re losing power.

Sometimes you may have to listen for a while. When I had the biggest decision of my life to make, I asked and asked and asked. Journalling with my soul. Finally one day I got my answer. You can read more about it by clicking here.

Wheras when I was on my health journey, I could immediately sense what was right and what not  – no matter what others wanted. I talked to different specialists and health professionals but ultimately I had to make decisions I could live with, that felt right and I could get behind.

I truly believe that authenticity is essential for health.

When you’re doing work you love and behaving in the way you desire to and making choices that are aligned with your values, you feel good.

And feeling good is good for your health.

“What drains your spirit drains your body. What fuels your spirit fuels your body.”

˜Carolyn Myss, PhD




If you want to fuel your spirit, start with small things.

What’s one action you can take today that would make you feel more authentic?

For me, a few days ago it was deleting people off my Facebook who I didn’t actually know. As a coach, I get lots of friend requests from other coaches and friends of coaches and sometimes I feel like ‘I guess I should accept everyone because that’s what coaches do’. But it no longer felt good to me. It made me kind of hate Facebook. So I deleted. And then I felt good again. Real. Me. And free.

Then I unsubscribed from a few mailing lists too.

Start your beautiful rebellion with some tiny acts of authenticity.

It’ll get you more in tune and ready to take on the big guys : CAREER, RELATIONSHIPS and LOVE.

And about this wise-one inside of you that knows, your higher- or healthy and powerfully feminine self.

Lady, who is this incredible being?

Journal about her. Grab a piece of paper. Get to know her. What does she do, believe and drink? How does she act, dress, eat, move and rest? You can begin, ‘My higher self…’ or ‘My healthy and powerfully feminine self’ and let loose. Give yourself permission to fully explore this with privacy and full faith.

Then read it, again and again. For your pleasure. And especially when you’re not feeling it.

And then go out there and experience life being her, the wise one, the one who feels and listens and knows.

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♥ Let me know what you think in the comments below : What small act of authenticity would make you feel amazing? ♥


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