The Prize (How to WIN..)

I return to you today reinvigorated.

After the call, the response.

After the pondering, the wondering.. the responding.

So here I am.

The replenishing mode is the receptive mode. Thought is manifestation. 

** Abraham Hicks

On Saturday I got so absorbed in pulling out the seal from my shower while I was cleaning. I ended up spending two hours fully focused on that. What meditation!

That night I probably watched The Crown Season 3 and then the next morning I woke up with an idea that started to formulate into a plan very quickly.

Dada dada!

I’m running a competition and am here to tell you the details.

This year has been HUGE!! I feel like I’ve changed in lightyears.

Turning forty makes you assess what you’re doing in your life, I have found, and after a couple of fortieth birthdays early this year, I came home & burst into tears. 

The first time it was because everyone had a reason to go home & people waiting, while I came home to my silent temple, alone. No reason to go home, no people waiting.

The second time it was because I’d been at a party with lots of old classmates and people from my adolescence and had been asked 25 times ‘Partner?’ No ‘Kids?’ No. I felt like a complete loser. 

That’s why I determined that I was going to make something of this mess. I focused hard & finished drafts 3-5 of my memoir in 10 weeks. That’s the story of the last 7 yrs – losing my head in personal development to the brain surgery & bad relationships that brought it back.

It was a great surprise that Life lead me to Cinta Cafe in Canggu, where I met a guy who encouraged me to put my books out on Amazon. One month later, I’d published my first book, Wonderlust! (& even made the cover ????).

NOW I’m doing a giveaway this week for WONDERLUST!! I’m giving away 10 kindle books and will be drawing the winners out on Saturday. 

I’d love you to be a part of it too if you’d love a free copy. You can gift it on if you already have yours.

To enter: 

1. Follow me on Instagram : & like my page on Facebook :

2. Like this post & tag 2 friends who love to read.

** For 3 extra entries, repost this post to your Instagram or Facebook. 

That’s it! You can enter multiple times.

I’ll be drawing out the winners on Saturday on Instagram. 

Stay tuned and thank you for yoursupport. SO MUCH!!

Best of luck my dear!!

Wishing you well wild heart..

Lots of love,

Mireille xx

Wonderlust, set in 2007, is about a travel agent from Perth who goes to Switzerland on a cultural adventure, believing in perfection but finding life in the imperfection. It’s about writing and the switch from consumer to creator, body obsession, a Russian artist, an Irish body-builder, a Swiss design draftsman and reality TV.

It’s a coming-of-age story of an Australian woman, aged 26, and I was inspired by Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer. Cafes. Walking. Talking. Loneliness. And of course.. Lust.

  Read the sample here:  Wonderlust on Amazon.

The paperback & digital are available from here or check in the country-specific sites:

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