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“Frau Müller and I took the bowls to the kitchen, while Thomas retired to his kingdom in the living room. He doesn’t like immigrants – is that his beef with me? Perhaps I stand for all the things that are wrong in the world. I would have had a lot to feel self-conscious about if I even gave a fuck what Thomas thought of me. Nothing matters now because I have Jimmy and the blog. Dear reader, these are my confessions.” 

I wrote this inspired by hm.. I’d just moved to Switzerland, age 29, and had moved in with my boyfriend and his two friends. My ex wouldn’t have even asked them, just moved me in. (He was young and an extrovert) (I know now). So I felt a bit like a gutter rat. The one flatmate who I felt this animosity from, I reckon now, was probably just an introvert needing his own space when he came home, not to have me there. I know exactly how he feels!

So anyways, you know how Wonderlust is about a travel agent from Perth  who goes to Switzerland on a cultural adventure, seeking a deeper experience of life, believing in perfection, and finding life in the imperfection?

When I wrote it, I hadn’t even started writing my blog, even though Sarah blogs in it. In the sixth year of writing it, I started the blog because I’d moved back to Lucerne and had taken a full-time teaching position (out of fear) and had no time to write. That was what I really wanted to do. Oh the mess. It all seems kind of perfect though, in the end.

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Wishing you a magical week wild heart..

Lots of love,

Mireille xxx

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