My Three-Book Process

I felt to write more about what’s going on in the world at the moment, especially about Aboriginal history, art and culture that I learnt teaching Australian Culture and Critical Thinking to Chinese students on the study tours I took for CELT UWA last year.

But instead I’ll write to you about what’s flowing.

When I was away in January, I started watching the news, which I normally only do once a week at my parents’ house. Though I do like to look at the newspaper on my morning break at the cafe. Anyway, because I started watching the news to help me go to sleep at night, I felt too many awful things were going on in the world and I felt bad to post my trip on Instagram. So I stopped posting.

The other reason was because my mind was having a field day creating those posts and I didn’t want to be thinking about it as I was walking around Bangkok or Chiang Mai and so I stopped. What happened then is that other memories came up from my body for recognition and releasing.

When I actually took the time to write this out in my journal and what I was truly feeling. The anger. The disgust. Then I cleared it.

So anyway, all this to say that since a month or more ago I’ve been working on four books, all creative non-fiction, and today I have been working on three of them so I thought I’d share this interesting process that just appeared today, adapted from what I wrote there in one of the books.

On the one hand, I love to incubate with one book, fully focused. But in that state it can also be quite hard for me to not express myself more. That was when Miranda said there’s so much creativity wanting to burst out of me. Now I’m just going with what’s flowing. When it gets to the end, I might feel that it’s time to focus on one fully. But it feels also like these three books, Wizard, Conqueror and The One should be read in tandem too to get the full picture.

Well you gotta read the 8 books to grasp the story. Hopefully someone will want to. In any case, I have to write them to get it out. Then I can walk free. But now, when I get up, to go to the bathroom, or even just pause for a moment, receive a text, a new thought rises. Or two. This was one of them. The other, which came simultaneously, was that I want to write in The One next about my feelings of wanting to shut X out and how I enjoy this not knowing, this tension.

Then thirdly I’m writing about Lessons in Conqueror and about the hotel management school for the last hour, interrupted by new thoughts coming in. An Indian masseuse in Lucerne said I had many layers of thought. My mind is working on one thing consciously and behind another and another. But yes, maybe this isn’t such a bad thing. Maybe this is just who I am and how I function. The multitasking.

It’s not like I’m distracted. I’m focused. But focused on three things at once. Or not even. I’m focused on one and then another layer is dislodged from deep in my body. Rising from the deep. That’s what it feels like to me.

I enjoy this process of recording how life facilitates such excavations. I’m enjoying this process too of working on three books at once. In the past hour, this is what I’ve been doing. A paragraph here, a paragraph there. Whatever rises from the formless into form. It comes from my chest and then manifests through my hands to the word document, bypassing my brain.

It’s a physical experience. Like a painter with three canvases or a musician working on three songs at once. And then a fourth going (maybe that’s the mind), oh we’d like to put this last part on Instagram. That’s it.

Wishing you a magical week! Hope you are well. Till next Tuesday.. 

Lots of love,

Mireille xx

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