What is the Unsexy Work of Alignment?

Are you familiar with the concept of alignment? As I write this my stomach feels clenched. I feel nervous. Why? Because that’s how it feels to put yourself out there. But it doesn’t matter. I tell myself. But does it? This is the unsexy work of alignment.

Amy Elizabeth of Align By Design talks a lot about the unsexy work of alignment and today I’m going to muse on what I have experienced and feel is the unsexy work of alignment.

When I first started listening to Abraham’s law of attraction videos in 2017, alignment sounded very sexy.

There are five steps to the law of attraction. The third is to be in the energy of joy, love, presence, passion, focus, appreciation etc and Abraham gives many processes to help with this.

“Choose a better feeling thought!” they often say.

For a year or so this is what I did. I practiced this.

“Go general!” was another tip.

Because when we are too specific, we put resistance on the track.

Say you want to manifest love and you are waiting for a specific kind of person to come into your life, you will be noticing their absence and that is resistance.

Whereas if you are just in love with life, you are still feeling the same emotions but not noticing the absence of anything.

Abraham does say that there is a lot of alignment in action though too. And there is.

If we are just sitting around trying to have a successful business or career, without doing anything, there will be resistance because there is a big gap between what we are doing and where we want to be.

Whereas when we are working in our business or applying for a job, we are actually being the person who receives it.

Here comes the unsexy work of alignment.

When you are working in your business or applying for jobs, you inevitably feel rejected at times. Things don’t always work out perfectly.

So you have to feel those emotions and keep going.

Gina Devee often says that having your own coaching business is the best personal development course on the planet.

I so agree.

It takes guts! You have to put yourself out there. Show up online. Learn new things every day. Get over your fear of being seen and heal your desire to have everyone like you. You have to feel the shame of appearing like a dick being your true self, exposing your unconventional beliefs and ways of being. Or just hear crickets.

That’s also a journey.

Likewise with love. It took me five years to meet my one. I rejected and was rejected over and over. I did silly things. I learned and grew. I processed my emotions. And got back up. I learned to get over. I got over again. And one more time.

And again.

I failed forward.

I progressed.

This is the unsexy work of alignment.


What else is the unsexy work of alignment? 


1.Becoming an organisational Queen or King.

Because being disorganised makes us stressed and stress is not alignment.

2. Learning to live in tune with our cycles &/or human design.

3. Developing those beliefs that help us in our quest for greatness

(and uncovering those that don’t serve).

4. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

5. Cultivating a mindset of abundance &/or presence. 

Amy Elizabeth asks “what needs cleaning up?” or “what have you been avoiding?” as the unsexy work of alignment.

It could be a conversation we need to have, an appointment needing to be booked or, like me, decluttering photos (my jam right now). I am also recording videos for my instagram account this week. Talk about unsexy work.

Don’t get stressed out feeling like you have to do it all right now. Be where you’re at. Little by little.

Or a lot.

A daily process of alignment.


If you would like help with your alignment, I have created these sexy transformational guides (see the sexiness below) for everything from developing body love to simple ways to become better at organising, being in tune with the four phases of the monthly cycle and transforming limiting beliefs.

Do let me know if you have more to add about the unsexy work of alignment and/or which one you feel requires your attention right now.

I love you,

Mireille xx

p.s. Through doing the work, writing this, I feel happy now and back in alignment.

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