The Velour Red Track Suit & Other Loves!

Right now I am feeling so loved and appreciated.

I was just about to start writing when there was a knock at the front door.

A bunch of flowers was delivered!

What a beautiful surprise.

When I opened the card, I found it was from my friend Brooke.

Congratulating me on finishing Love Queen!

Yes, you may have seen on my Instagram that on Friday I had the meeting with the editor.

She said I did a good job and can now proceed with the next stage in publishing.

It’s been a five-year journey.

And in that time I’ve not only edited this book about ten times, I also ended up writing the other four in the Love Queen series. 

So yay!

I’m celebrating myself.


I also received so many comments and messages of congratulations and I appreciate each one and every one of YOU with all my heart.

So what about this velour red tracksuit?

When I was shopping for my dad’s and godson’s birthday two weeks ago, I passed a shop with velour tracksuits out front.

I just had to have the black velour track pants and the red velour tracksuit.

On Saturday night I debuted the red one with strappy black heels and this Japanese crane jacket.

We were off to drink margaritas and eat fish tacos for Sam’s birthday.

I rode my bike to the restaurant.

My God did I look cool.  

That’s what I thought.

But at the restaurant, we were sitting down so no one noticed.

Then we went to a bar and so many people came to ask.

Is that a velour red tracksuit you’re wearing?!

Yes, it is.

With heels.

So cool

I know.

Thank you!

For this week’s Living Deeply Story podcast episode, I’m sharing a story that was originally called No Higher Than Your Heart.

You Don’t Have To Hold Your Head Higher Than Your Heart.

It’s about one of the times in Switzerland when I thought I could rollerblade.

And found out (again) that I couldn’t.

It’s about risk-taking.

And changing it up.

It’s a funny story!

Lately, I have been letting go of how my mind imagines life should be.

There was a post from Alpha Femme (Melanie Anne Layer) on Instagram on Monday.

She said that her aim was ‘exponential growth over a lifetime’.

Her mind could never even have conceived of earning $40 million in 4 years as a coach.

It would have aimed too low or if she aimed high and didn’t achieve it, lack thoughts may have sprung up.

Exponential Growth Over A Lifetime.

How loving is that?!

Lately, I have been opening up to the infinitive supply that is available to us.

Sometimes this means I ask.

Unattached to the outcome.

One thing I love using is The Lucky Bitch app.

It’s by Denise Duffield Thomas and it’s for recording all that we receive.

I also love the Good Budget app.

It’s where I note how I spend.

Last week I said to my mum that I’m such a catch.

I’m a catch and a half!

This is not something I’m telling myself.

It’s a place I have arrived at.

It was quite the journey to get here.

But a journey begins with a step.

I’m so happy, I said.

And I’m emotionally intelligent.

You’re lucky, she replied.

No, I created this! 

I shared recently about how I meditate on the podcast.

This was one ingredient.

The guides I put out last year: Elevate, Empower, Master Your Mind, Radiate and Magnetise are my way of trying to help anyone who would like some direction and a shortcut perhaps.

No one can do the work for us.

We have to.

But it can be fun.

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