What I Love Wednesday!

Since I am still deep in my memoir, Love Queen, and have no room in my head to think of anything else, I felt to write an old-school What I Love post because there is way more in my life than just writing.

So here are some of  the things I love on this Wednesday!

  • A fresh peach to start my breakfast every morning.

I have decided never to leave Australia again from January to March so I don’t miss the stone fruit season.

  • The LivINg Room by Jess Lively. Free courses on tuning into the Inner Voice and releasing emotions (“beanbags”).

I discovered Jess and her famous podcast through my friend, Money Beautifully Coach, Polly Alexandre‘s Instagram some years back when Jess visited Polly’s home in Ibiza.

Yes! You want it, I want it.

  • Dance Class!

I shared the story of my love affair with dancing and all it taught me, starting at age eight, in this Instagram post.

This year I started doing a lyrical fusion barefoot class (think Sam Smith) and a heels one (Beyonce, Brittney, Sean Paul etc). It is my goal to be in the concert in December and perform on stage again.

For now it’s keeping me in shape like I haven’t experienced in years. My Thai masseuse noticed the difference in my body straightaway, saying my muscles don’t feel so tight anymore.

  • Mookie, the neighbour’s cat.

Cats oftenhave two or three homes, I’ve learned, and mine is definitely one of hers.

Mookie is so beautiful and  is good company while I work, as I have been sharing in my Instagram posts, stories and reels.

I made this reel of me trying to kiss Mookie on my desk and it’s had 2,215 views as I write this!

It’s my second most popular one by heaps and almost as popular as this one of me dancing to MJ’s The Way You Make Me Feel on New Year’s.

That one’s got 3,089 views! Ah the simple things. If Instagram’s taught me anything it’s that.

  • Morning Walk.

I love waking up in the morning and working on my book straightaway at 6.30am. By 9am I’ve finished the 10,000 word daily goal (since I’m editing at the moment).

Then I take a shower, get dressed and go for a little twenty-minute walk.

I love appreciating the homes, gardens, birds, dogs and sky, stopping to smell the jasmine, frangipanis and roses.

Anchoring in the feeling of celebration and achievement while soaking in the sunlight and all that goodness.

I love learning about personal development but sometimes (often) I just want to hear a story and that’s what my podcast is.

Stories of travel, love, transformation, flow and manifestation. 

  • Editing Love Queen again.

Yes last week I thought my memoir was finished but then once I’d re-added the journal parts, I found I still have 30,000 words to cut.

I took the rest of the week off to REPLENISH and from Monday I was back at it, enjoying it again.

  • Going slowly.

I’ve decided to go slowly and feel to do less, unlike how I was feeling and approaching life and work for the past few months.


And that’s it my friend! I hope you will check out some of the links I’ve shared and let me know what you are loving right now.

Lot’s of love,

Mi xx

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