What if feeling shame is the way to success?

Friend, what if feeling shame is the way to success?

In the last few years I’ve been getting more in touch with my feelings rather than being too positive. Because I realised five years ago that my problem is that I get the lesson before I have truly felt the experience. And when I look around at people who are successful, whether it be in health or career, it seems that they are not only positive but capable of feeling a full range of emotions.

Spiritual and manifesting teachers like Lacy Phillips and Kyle Cease teach this too. Kyle, my favourite guru of the moment, actually says that when we cry, we alchemise the trauma and emotions in our bodies. So I’ve been trying to cry more. And welcoming it when it comes. When I can’t, I use this method for feeling feelings. It really works! I used it when my ex husband told me he was having a baby with his new partner and I just felt numb.

When I was practising the law of attraction a lot, I also realised that when I just tried to be positive rather than feel my feelings, it was like trying to hold a beach ball under the water, and wasn’t effective. The teachers say that when we are present, whether in an activity or meditating, feelings arise and we just have to hold space for them, just let them be. Because an emotion is energy in motion, it will dissipate.

Recently I noticed too that when I wake from a nap, I often feel shame, over putting myself out there and online. Now that I am aware of it, I welcome it. And feel it. It only lasts for a few minutes. When I don’t do embarrassing things, I don’t experience this. But by feeling it, we release it, and then we don’t have to eat, text, stalk, smoke, drink it or do any other addictive behaviours to avoid feeling it. And our vibration lifts. So we are more powerful, energetically, and things just seem to work out. Maybe.

How about that?


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Mireille xx

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