What if the feminine is the way?

Friend, the feminine is a topic that I have not written about for five years or so. I had the big brain surgery, the breast cancer had metastasised, and for a long while I wondered if I was wrong and had been mistaken in my beliefs when, actually, She was taking me deeper.

The way, as written by the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tsu, is living in harmony with nature, in the flow, where nothing is rushed but all is accomplished. The feminine is flow. The feminine is nature. We all have a masculine and feminine side, like the yin yang symbol. The masculine is linear and one of doing, The feminine is one of being. The ebb and flow. And we, through our illnesses and economics and drama, are being invited to rest. How can we do less? That’s the point we have all come to. Isn’t it?

Two weeks ago I came across this video and it made me realise that the steamrolling of my life was the Divine Feminine at play. The feminine is about slowing down and being here now. The feminine is fun and enjoyment. But, just like the Hindu Goddess Kali, She will destroy in order to create again. Just let go. Listen to your heart. What do you love? What is it saying? It is safe to rest. The feminine is the darkness. Can you sit in it? The feminine is intuition.  The body. Love it. Sleep. Listen in.


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Lots of love,

Mireille xx

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