What if I don’t become fluent in 7 languages?

What if I don’t become fluent in 7 languages?

On Friday I wrote about my sudden desire to become fluent in 7 languages. Actually, it’s not all that sudden. Five years ago, after the big brain surgery, after my life had crumbled and I was feeling so low, I had the idea to go study French and German at university as it was only this thought that made me feel any glimmer of joy.

Then I ended up working in a dental surgery (did you know?) and then I went back to teaching English. But even then, mid 2017, I woke up one night from a dream speaking French and continued with it the next few days. Not long after, in The Gilli Islands, I met a French guy and had a correspondence with him for the next few months. Maybe I just really wanted to study French again!

I am just a person figuring out life and how it works for me. I’m not there yet. So on Friday, the thought of studying languages again, propelled me to write that blog post, drive to the city with some books for a competition and stop at UWA to find out information on the way back. What I found out is that the semester starts today and so I will have to do more research and preparation before starting.

But that’s okay.

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Thank you!

Lots of love,

Mireille xx

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