Why I Cry To Manifest

In the cafe reading the paper today, I teared up over many articles that I read.

There was the one about the soccer player in a coma and the 15-year-old who put him there.

I cried because what kind of life must this youth lead to be on parole for 24 charges? We’re not born evil.

I cried because the soccer player’s family reported that he’d just opened his eyes on Tuesday.

I cried because.. family.

I don’t read the paper every day but when I have been recently I’ve been crying.

This is good.

There’s an epidemic of emotions being unfelt in the world.

I know.

I was one of those unfeelers.

Even now it is not easy.

That’s why I welcome it.

I continued to write then in my journal about the things I really have to cry about.

Walking home I continued to feel the emotions in my gut mostly.

Rage. Sadness.

I felt angry.

Finally, when I got home I made lunch and then went to the bedroom to cry.

I hate you for not seeing me. I hate you for not seeing me. I hate you for not seeing me.

This is what it came down to, at its essence.

Who knows how long this has been there?

42 years.

I was happy to cry.

Afterwards I looked at myself in the mirror, smiled and then went down stairs for lunch in the garden.

Every day I cry is a success. 

It’s a long story.

One part has to do with having breast cancer.

I used to cry until age 30 or so and then I put a lid on it.

I used to cry more till I learned ‘thoughts became things’ and then I spray painted dog poo, as you do.

Now I believe more that our beliefs create our reality.

I have been teaching how to feel emotions since 2015 when I was running the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine workshops and course.

Feeling emotions is important so we don’t eat them and now I am offering these teachings in the form of RADIATE.

But practising the law of attraction from 2017-2018, I wondered why some big stuff still didn’t work out.

I looked at people I knew and wondered why it was happening for them when they didn’t consciously manifest.

That’s when I realised that I was ignoring my emotions, slapping a bandaid over them.

If we don’t allow ourselves to feel our emotions, they come slipping and exploding out of us at inopportune times.

Life is always seeking a way to heal us for our evolution and that of the universe. 

So we attract the people and situations who mimic our childhood so those blocked emotions can come to the surface.

All we have to do is be present with them to heal them.

But most people don’t know how to do this.

So we reach for social media.

Or any other addiction.

To avoid feeling something.

I wrote about this here 18 months ago in a process I’d learned called Karma Yoga.

Once we are present, the layers of emotion are 1) personality 2) boredom 3) sadness 4) anger 5) fear 6) love

In any order.

Last year I learned too from Kyle Cease, when so much was going wrong in my life, how when we are present and put attention on the body, the trauma, the emotions, can rise to the surface.

Feel them to release.

I started doing this again, more and more.

My health improved, a miracle occurred, and I attracted real love too.

But first I cried about it.

If it costs energy to keep these emotions down and try to hold our personality in place to not let any escape, then by releasing them we naturally have more energy.

Lately I keep hearing manifesting teachers talking about the law of duality and feeling emotions.

Alpha Femme says it’s not about being high vibe but big vibe.

Meaning that it is about stretching our emotional range, to feel both the highs and lows, to manifest.

This is what I am doing.


If you would like, more on this, check out EMPOWER, my guide for processing emotion and super attraction.

And for more on my manifesting process, what I’ve learned and realised, it’s MAGNETISE.

Wishing you much emotion!

I love you,

Mireille xx

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