Woman… you, me and the moon


In honour of a potent new moon tomorrow and the end of a 3 year cycle today…

I am in the cafe and today I am giving you the writing of my moon time. There is a  French woman saying ‘brekkie… we spent a lot of time going to op-shoppp’ in her sing-songy way.

She is helping her Canadian friend to remember all the things they have done over the last few weeks so she can keep it in her diary and remember not to forget.

They had me at…

“Did we do anything yesterday except take a hot shower?”

“Oh yeah we picked up a hitch hiker.”

People are the best people!

Don’t you think?

This has been a big week. It was my last Healthy + Powerfully Feminine session at Sowilo Soul Centre and the next day she closed her doors for good.

Perhaps that’s what my body’s purging was all about.

One final cleanse.

Sowilo is the Nordic rune for transformation.

(Hope I got that right Paula)

Many women entered her doors and came away transformed.

Like me!

Transformation upon transformation.

And each time going deeper

Becoming more of me.

Sowilo was the rune I chose when I had a Tarot session with Paula in December too.

It represented my present reality.

The card I selected for myself at that time was ‘loneliness’.

Loneliness but deep transformation.

Thank God someone finally said it!

Healing by making the unconscious conscious once again.

Then I could recognize that I was searching for something outside that could actually only be found inside of me.

At this week’s session I spoke about this.

The empowered feminine is the masculine support for herself. She is present. She sees and adores herself.

Then the feminine feels safe to express herself.

She is complete.

She is not reaching out and searching.

Her strength, energy and fun are all contained within.

This week my friend Aleisha asked me,

‘Do you want the crumb or do you want the whole biscuit?’

‘Of course I want the biscuit’, I said.

But on reflection it is not the biscuit I want.

I want the watermelon!

I want the whole watermelon.

And so here is something I wrote for you my watermelon-sister…

I also wrote it for me.

Woman… you, me and the moon

I like my scars

They remind me that I am a warrior

I woke up on Thursday morning with red dots around my eyes and a blotch of blood in the white.

Scars from my night of vomiting.

I vomited four times at the last Healthy + Powerfully Feminine session!

I sound now like I am proud of it.

I am.

At the time I felt everything but amazing.

Mostly I just felt sick.

Though I was in the company of loving supportive women

And I let my body do her thing.

I continued.

The struggle made the session even more special.

There was that flow

We entered together.

Each one of us going inwards

Into our layers.

The unfolding and the refolding.


I want to say ‘excuse me for being different today’.

But what’s the point of apologizing?

I am different.

Heavily under the influence of good writing and my lunar cycle.

It’s time to go down to the deepest part of me.

I look forward to more time spent in bed

When I’m more likely to write like this.

Is it ok if sometimes I think everything else I do is crap?

I think it is.

I am a woman.

I change.

18 times in a month, apparently.

How can I be consistently putting myself out there when I’m not even consistent?

I start again.

At any moment.

Hear me roar

I am the dream.

How can we be consistent when not even our cycles are?

They change when they feel like it too.

I trust their process

Like I trust the moon.

Sometimes big and round and golden

Or burnt orange

Coming so close

Laying so low.

Sometimes so far away

Dark side covering her face

A silver sliver in the sky.

Then faded against the light of day


A ghost against the blue.

She is what she is.

And all we do is adore her

Changing face


Her changing face is her magnificence.

We never know what she’ll be like.

The awe upon the night.

Beautiful in her darkness and in her light.

Does it bother you that we change many times a day?

I’m not embarrassed

for who I was a minute ago.

It’s just that I’m doing this now.

I am a woman.

I’m not like the air-conditioning that can be improved upon

Or the heater.

I am the heat.

So don’t include me in your home reno plans

And ignore me

Only if you desire death by suffocation

Or to spend eternity forgetting.

I’m asking questions

Not looking for answers.

I can’t be improved.

I am the change.

You are you and

This is me.

Permission to be your weird and intoxicatingly wild self granted!

Just kidding. Only you can do that.

I love love LOVE this work that I do!

If you would like to write something back to me I would LOVE to receive the words coming from your big beautiful heart. Aaand…

10415676_10153903346531885_3004365809196902811_nThis new moon is about moving forward. If you would like some support and guidance as you create and transform, I can assist you in stepping into your power and will help you connect you to your immense power within, while taking the necessary concrete and creative steps, as well as going deep with you into your subconscious (where the magic happens), click here to take a look at my updated coaching page with details of my special offers and bonuses.

I just received this from a client…

“Thank you wonderful woman 🙂 Was amazing again, thank you! xxx”

Next up I’m bringing Healthy + Powerfully Feminine to you as an online group program. Click here to get on the list to receive your invitation too!!


Wishing you a beautiful wild and free new moon lovely one…

Sending so much love to you!

Straight from my wild heart to yours,


Mi xxx


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