I am Mireille Parker. I’m a coach and speaker for those who who would love to feel their peace and power in body, mind and spirit.

 Plus a course creator for women who desire to be Healthy + Powerfully Feminine.

My journey began at the age of 24 with a break up when I began learning to use the power of my mind to not only step out of the chaos but also to create a deeper and more meaningful experience of life

These practices and beliefs carried me through dealing with and healing from breast cancer at age 34, the decision to end my marriage and move back to Australia from Switzerland to find love (and a life) again and more recently, brain surgery at age 37.

You can read more of my story here.

p.s. I work with men too! (+ LOVE it) To find out what coaching with me would be like, I offer a complimentary discovery session.

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