I am Mireille Parker and I’m a women’s empowerment coach, writer and speaker, creator of the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine movement and a Spiritual Goddess Warrior Queen.

My mission is to help women to experience their peace and power in body, mind and spirit and to feel beautiful and valuable, inside and out.

So that we can attract the love we desire and create the success we deserve!!

But first you have to release the habits, obsessions and subconscious beliefs that are holding you back.

I love to share how to do this with pleasure and ease. Not restriction or ‘willpower’!!

I’ve developed these methods through working successfully with these clients and through my own journey to having a body that is naturally healthy, a mind that is at peace and a career that I LOVE!

You can read my crazy story here.

What is being Healthy + Powerfully Feminine about?

It’s being the woman YOU love so that you can live the life you DESIRE.

I am…

Building a community of women who feel empowered in their relationship with their body, their beauty and men.

Teaching the tools to harness the power of the mind and connect to your spirit and inner wisdom.

Helping women to have a more consciously creative and magical experience of life.

So that you CAN have the love, the health and the career you desire and BE the woman who can receive it.

I do this through private coaching, my Healthy + Powerfully Feminine group program, speaking in workshops, talks and on my Youtube channel and through writing this blog.

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